Need new games for car rides or other times when you need to quietly keep your grandkids entertained? Playing alliteration games is one fun way we’ve found that will do just that! We enjoy playing alliteration games with our grandchildren during the rides back and forth between our homes. The rides to either home are about 30 minutes without the summer traffic…and that can take up to an hour at the wrong time of the day! So we make the best of it to distract the kids and to refocus them away from videos on the car’s DVD player.  Time goes by so much faster and it gives us a fun way to bond with them. Here are 6 versions of the Alliteration Game…one, Starship Space Spins, can be played only on the computer.  Enjoy entertaining everyone with everything below!

Alliteration Games to Play

Alliteration Games #1

“I am going on a trip” is one of several fun alliteration games that help to reinforce the literary device, alliteration, by focusing on the initial sounds. It also helps reinforce memory skills. Follow these steps to play the “I am going on a trip” game:

    1. Have one person start by saying (or perhaps singing) that they are going on a trip to a particular place. They will take with them some object that starts with the same letter as the place.Example for the letter P: I am going to Paris and I am taking a poodle.
    2. Have the other players take turns adding to the list of objects being taken by thinking of something else that starts with that letter. Example continued: I am going to Paris and I am taking a poodle and a pen.
    3. Continue the game until someone is unable to think of a word or makes a mistake.

Results:  That person then drops out of the alliteration game.

  1. Continue until only one person is left after everyone else has dropped out.

Results:  That person is the winner!

Alliteration Games #2

Here is another of the  Alliteration Games, similar to #1 above. Watch the video… Improv Comedy Games: The Alliteration Game — powered by

Alliteration Games #3

BBC – Starship Space Spins

Alliteration Games #4

Alliteration Traveling Game: This one can be very funny for children. Find alliteration words for the children’s names. Make them as funny as possible. Or use names of animals. For example, “loud little Louie” or “silly Sammy Snodgrass” or “leaping Larry lizard.” When your child gets the hang of it, they will take off on their own.

Alliteration Games #5

I see something… Look around the room or outside and choose an object, but keep it secret. Say, I see something that starts with a “t”. The others guess everything that starts with a “t” until they find the correct object. Then using alliteration, they have to come up with a phrase about that object. Silly phrases welcome!

Alliteration Games #6

Rigmarole: A game of memory using counting sequence in which alliteration, beginning a sequence of words with the same letter sound, is the core concept. For example “Five Fixed Fans” or “Ten Tan Toads”. For more fun with alliteration games, you’ll enjoy Alliteration Examples for Kids: Alliteration Poems, Tongue Twisters, Clichés .