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Enjoy alliteration examples with children of all ages through nursery rhymes, poems, tongue twisters, titles, names, and lyrics.

2 Thanksgiving Alliteration Poems | Alliteration Poem Examples

Thanksgiving Alliteration Poems To celebrate Thanksgiving, I have two additional Thanksgiving alliteration poems for you. The first one, A Family Thanksgiving written by Barbara R Johnson, uses alliteration to present a warm family Thanksgiving gathering including Grandpa and Grandma, Auntie Ann, nine nieces and nephews, and kind-hearted kindred kin in [...]

Alliteration Poems | Teens Clashing Between Classes

As I pass through the school halls, among hundreds of hurried teens, I can't help but to notice the social interactions that take place within the three minutes of passing time between classes. Clashing Between Classes is a poem in which I have used alliteration to express some of today's thoughts. [...]

Alliteration Poem Contest | NYS Jersey Shore Sunglasses Prize

Nana's Corner is sponsoring an alliteration poem contest for school age children in grade 5 through grade 8. Because my family and thousands of other families have just experienced Hurricane Irene here on the Jersey Shore, the theme of the alliteration poem contest is "Hurricanes".  Here are a few rules: Alliteration must be obvious throughout your [...]

Alliteration Examples: War Poem by Bob Dylan

Our Grade 11 English class is reading The Things They Carried by Tim O'Brien, a novel written in memoir form about personal experiences and observations encountered during the Viet Nam War. The war novel is extended by relating it to various poems and songs of the Viet Nam War era, such as A Hard Rain's A [...]

Alliteration Examples Contest with Kidz Bop 19 CD Prize

It's Spring has sprung, finally! Spring means green grass, flowering flora, sun shine, and warm weather...well, warm will eventually come along. Opening day for baseball is this week! The New York Yankees is our family's favorite team...with second choice being the Philadelphia Phillies. The topic of baseball provides a great opportunity for creating examples of [...]

Alliteration Examples: Spring Alliteration Poem

Sunny Spring Sun shining Green grass growing Flowers fragrantly flowing Robins returning Chickadees chirping Bouncing backyard balls Swings sky sailing Drops dripping down Warm winds winding Kids' kites colliding Children chasing children Playgrounds, parks populated Sunny spring shining  ~ by Nana @ ~ © 2011 Barbara R Johnson

Valentine Alliteration Example | Valentines, a Poem Lesson

Happy Valentine's Day from Nana to all of my "alliteration examples" fans. The poem, Valentines, is a valentine alliteration example using valentines as a theme together with a lesson plan. Valentine Alliteration Example Poem Lesson Plan read - Valentines, the valentine alliteration example poem look up - make a [...]