Alliteration Examples in Children’s Poems by Shel Silverstein

Alliteration examples in children’s poems, such as tongue twisters, bring gregarious giggles to little listeners, grandparents and other grownups. Alliteration is often found in collections of kids’ popular poetry. The continuous repetitive consonant sounds create fun listening and reading experiences. Examples of alliteration can be found in poems by one of my favorite poets, Shel Silverstein. The extractions of alliteration examples in children’s poems (3 lines from each chosen poem) are from three of his published poetry book bestsellers that can be enviously enjoyed by grandchildren and grandparents together, whether seven or seventy-seven.

Poem Alliteration Examples

Falling Up

No Thank You

  • No cute, cuddly kitty-poo
  • No more midnight meowing mews
  • I have beds for boars and bats

Ice Cream Stop

  • “Lemon and Lime,” growled the lion
  • Then the animals snarled and screeched and growled
  • And whinnied and whimpered and hooted and howled

Writer Waiting

  • I don’t need no writin’ tutor
  • It can sort and it can spell
  • It can copy and correct

The Gnome, The Gnat, and The Gnu

  • Take a gnock at a gnat
  • Who was gnibbling the gnose of his gnu
  • “‘Til gnow I gnever gnew

The Toy Eater

  • So tonight when the Terrible Toy-Eatin’ Tookie
  • He’ll chew your poor puppets to shreds
  • And bite off your dear dollies’ heads


  • The Haunted House on Howlin’ Hill
  • Peek past the wormy window sill
  • And the spirits will scream

Blood-Curdling Story

  • It’s wally, it’s weepy
  • It’s screechy and screamy
  • It’s grizzly, it’s gory

Eggs Rated

  • I’m not eggsaggerating.
  • You can tell by my eggspression
  • They’re eggceptional –
  • (vertical alliteration)

A Light in the Attic

Bear in There

  • And his face in the fish
  • He’s nibbling the noodles
  • He’s slurping the soda

Buckin’ Bronco

  • Can you ride the buckin’ bronco
  • While he’s snortin’ smoke and kickin’
  • And your stomach starts to sicken

Standing is Stupid

  • Crawling’s a curse
  • Skipping is silly
  • Walking is worse

Where the Sidewalk Ends

The One Who Stayed

  • Red-haired Ruth, my brother Rob
  • The piper pranced, a leadin’
  • That sound so haunting hollow

The Little Blue Engine

  • The little blue engine looked up at the hill
  • His light was weak, his whistle was shrill
  • And he puffed and pulled with might and main

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