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Nana and Luke (age 6) 2015

Welcome to Nana’s Corner!

This and That About Nana’s Corner

  • I’m not a business…
  • I’m not interested in hiring a developer or SEO analyst.
  • I love working on my site.
  • If you leave a comment, it won’t show up until I approve it. No spam will get through.
  • I don’t sell anything so please don’t send me an order request (yes, this has happened). One reader said she ordered something and wondered why she didn’t receive it…even though she didn’t send me any money!
  • I’m phasing out affiliate links.
  • I don’t post articles for compensation or pay for articles…it’s all written by yours truly.
  • If I receive a book or item to review, I’ll disclose that. Be assured that if I didn’t like it, I won’t post about it.
  • I don’t collect or use any visitor data. When you leave a comment and email, no one will see your email address except me. Be assured I don’t send emails unless information has been requested.
  • Students: I won’t do your homework assignments. That’s your job, not mine.
  • Use “Contact Nana” in the menu to write to me. I will respond as soon as I can.

A Little About My Family

Poppy and I are parents to three grown children (two daughters and 1 son) and grandparents to 5 grandchildren who are Kaitlin, Emily, Luke, Dylan, and Paityn. Our grandsons are cousins who share the same birth date and their mothers’ birthdays are just two days apart! Poppy and I have been married since 1972…which is amazing since we had dated only three weeks when I was proposed to. We live in a small town in Central New Jersey where we both grew up – near the beach, horse farms, a race track you probably heard of when American Pharaoh won the Haskell Invitational, and spacious parks – just about an hour’s drive from New York City. Update: We’ve moved about 25 miles south to a retirement 55+ community, still not far from the shore yet closer to our grandkids

A Little About Nana

I am a retired (2016) high school special education teacher, who now has more time to spend with our grandchildren and other fun things like blogging, writing poems, photography, needlework, reading, going to the beach, traveling, and spending more time with my friends and Poppy – who are also retired. (It’s a long sentence, I know…but I have a lot to look forward to!)

In 2014, I had back surgery…now and then my back feels it needs to remind me…when that happens, I must take time away from blogging. You may see gaps in time between posts, but be assured…I am still here and dedicated to continuing NanasCorner.com.

May you all have healthy and prosperous years to come!

Submit Poems, Please!

If you have a favorite poem, send it to me so you and I can share it with others. Anyone who has written a poem may send that to me to share, too! The poems can be funny, serious, happy, sad, seasonal – including holidays – and about birthdays, or any topic you choose, as long as they are appropriate for families to enjoy. (see Submit Poems)

I look forward to hearing from you…soon, I hope!