ABC Alliteration examples are fun to write…and can also be challenging when you try to start the words in the sentence with the same beginning alliterative sound or letter. Alliteration sentences can be turned into an alliteration poem when your ending words rhyme.

ABC Alliteration Examples, Write and Publish Yours

Alliteration Assignment #1:

Your first alliteration assignment is to help Nana write more creative ABC alliteration examples using the letters U, V, W, X, Y, and Z. I will post all the alliteration sentences that are entered in the comment box below. How many words can you use in one ABC alliteration sentence and have it make sense? (See below in “comments” alliteration examples I’ve received so far.)

Alliteration Assignment #2:

Your second alliteration assignment is to write your own Alliteration Poem to be used as an alliteration example to help students create theirs. Your poem does not have to be an ABC Alliteration Poem.

Only the sentences that follow these three rules are will be posted: 1) Every sentence must be an example of alliteration;  2)  The words must start with the same letter.  3) All alliterations must be appropriate. By submitting your alliterations to, you agree to Nana publishing them on

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ABC Alliteration Examples

Below you won’t find any famous alliteration poems; what you will find are Nana’s new ABC Alliteration Examples beginning with the letters A through T. You can also use the examples of ABC alliteration shown below as fun tongue twisters. Let me know which one is your favorite tongue twister!

Anna and Andrew anxiously anticipates another annual anniversary.

Barbara bought big black barbells before buying blue barrettes.

Cool Callie called California colleagues collect.

Denise’s discount designer denim dirndl dress distracted Dick.

Erik explained every essential example explicitly.

Fantastic flaring fireworks floated forever far.

Giddy Grandma grabbed garden grown green grape garnish.

Hungry hippos have humongous hankering hunger habits.

Ichabod imitates intense interest in ignoble initiations.

Jubilant Jesters juggle jingling junk.

Kaitlin’s kids’ kitchen keeps Krispy Kremes.

Lucky Leigh loves luscious lemon-lime licorice.

Magically, meticulous melodious Marcia marched magnificently.

Nearly ninety,  nice needy Nana nabbed numerous nickels.

Old Ollie obediently opened olive oil.

Peppermint Patty’s petite padded paws pitter pattered peacefully.

Quick quiet quacks quivered quizzically.

Rudolph Reindeer regretfully roamed randomly.

Sister Susie silently sewed simple straight seams successfully.

Terry’s two teachers told tantalizing tall tales together.

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