In time for Valentine’s Day, as a celebration of the meaning of true love, Jane-Ann Heitmueller graciously shares her poem, Love’s Memory Gift

Love’s Memory Gift
By Jane-Ann Heitmueller
Invisible, intangible yet palpable of heart,
Tenderly cherishing, nurturing each part.
Love’s memory gift creates a bridge spanning
both years and space.
A bond of joy and hope and trust
throughout this life we’ll  face.
Our warmth as chilly days approach
or storm clouds are encroaching.
Our nourishment, as manna sweet,
when hungry times we’re greeting.
Our stalwart guide when doubts loom near,
to point our path from fearing.
Our vision clear when fog descends
and clarity seems ending.
Our needle long and strong to mend
when rents will need our tending.
Our sponge to capture every seep
of promises worth keeping.

 Our memory fresh and crisp and clear,
consistently endearing.
Alive with that same rapture  swell
within our hearts once dwelling.
Perfectly wrapped for us to view.
Recalled from sweet creation.
Meant only for the two of us,
for our joy and elation!