8 Year Old Girl Christmas Gifts Popular Through the Years

Awesome 8-year-old girl Christmas gifts for your list for an awesome girl? Christmas is approaching fast and Christmas sales are happening – it’s time for this grandmother to get organized to take advantage of the early Christmas sales before the stores run out of the popular toys that are on our 8 year old granddaughter’s Christmas wish list. The popular toy continues to be Zhu Zhu, a life like hamster and his house, wheel, and more. Also, STEM toys, games, and activity kits are big on 8 year old girl Christmas gifts lists. Look at Kaitlin’s wish list for Zhu Zhu and more of the popular toys on her Christmas wish list. I hope I find some while shopping the Christmas sales!

And This Continues Through The Years, Too, For Best Selling Toys

According to the Retailers Federation, it is expected that there won’t be an inventory surplus this year after the early Christmas sales which means there won’t be a whole lot to choose from as we move closer to Christmas shopping deadline or for the after Christmas sales. That means the best selling toys, the most popular toys, may be in big demand early on causing many children to be disappointed on Christmas morning.  (Do you think they’re just trying to get us to shop early…putting stress to get it now…fake news?)

Shopping for 8 Year Old Girl Christmas Gifts Wish List

Santa needs your help, so shop early but remember to shop wisely, too. The most popular 8 year old girl Christmas gifts as seen in the many Christmas sales ads are not always the best toys. The “must haves” are mostly caused by the marketing gurus – I still cringe when I think how I was drawn into the Cabbage Patch supply and demand marketing scheme.  Ouch!

8 Year Old Girl Christmas Gifts Wish List (23)

Here they are, the 23 awesome 8 year old Christmas gifts my granddaughter asked for this year are:

Do you shop on Black Friday? Cyber Monday?  I did last year and went overboard, so this year I’m pacing myself. A few toys and gift cards to fun places that we can create memories together…I Play America, Movies, Disney Live Production, Skating…

Happy Shopping!

  • and, of course, clothes…

I wish you success in your Christmas sales strategies, whether it’s just shopping online taking advantage of free shipping…or online with free store pick-up…and/or in-store sales using coupons, too!

Remember, don’t get crazy about it, keep your sense of humor and don’t lose your sensibility!

It’s the spirit of giving, not the spirit of getting the best bargain, that is important.