For most people, young and old alike, Easter is one of the most meaningful holidays celebrated, and as such, we give the holiday a lot of attention and preparation. Not only do we plan family events and get-togethers, but we also decorate and shop for special gifts and treats. This is especially important for anyone that has special children in their lives. Let’s face it, most adults agree that the joy and delight experienced by kids on Easter is what puts fun in the holiday. The truth is that most adults have wonderful memories of childhood Easters. These are cherished memories that usually center around The Easter Bunny and the fun things related to him. And adults always want the children they love to enjoy life in every way possible. Therefore, it just makes sense that adults want to continue and share well-loved traditions. These are ways that adults can help children capture the magical essence of Easter.

While the holiday has a very religious basis it also symbolizes new beginnings and hope. And of course, this aspect of Easter is important, but for kids everywhere it is The Easter Bunny that makes the holiday special. With that in mind, it’s not surprising then that adults strive to keep children believing in The Easter Bunny for as long as possible. The truth is that adults enjoy the idea of magic and miracles as much as kids do, and when a child no longer believes in The Easter Bunny the Easter holiday seems to lose some of its glitter.

Even though every family is unique and thus, will observe some traditions that are distinctively their own, there are still some holiday basics that are somewhat universal. And fortunately, there are some simple steps that can be taken to help keep children believing in The Easter Bunny for a long, long time. Check out the ideas below – you’re sure to find at least a couple that you can add to your Easter holiday plans. Both you and the kids will have a great time!

  • Plan a special time for writing letters to The Easter Bunny. Whether we know it or not, most kids write Easter Bunny letters every year. It’s true that this is sometimes done secretly – usually because the child feels unsupported in the act of believing in The Easter Bunny. The reality is that kids love it when adults encourage and support such fun activities. Show enthusiasm and encourage your child to write about favorite candy and treats as well as his or her behavior. After all, The Easter Bunny keeps track of which little boys and girls have been good. They’re the ones that get special treats, right? You can also add to the fun by prompting the children to decorate the letters and envelops in a special way for The Easter Bunny.
  • Don’t forget that your children will be hoping to receive a Letter From The Easter Bunny. Of course, you can try to write a letter that will look convincing enough to make your child believe it came from The Easter Bunny. The letter should include at least a bit of personalized information in order to make it more believable. Be sure to include your child’s name and maybe even the name of a friend. Adding the child’s town will help provide assurance that The Easter Bunny knows where to find him or her. Believe it or not, a Letter from The Easter Bunny can make a huge difference in how long a child believes in the idea that Peter Cotton Tail will be delivering goodies on Easter.
  • Be sure to use nice paper that gives an authentic appearance. It’s a good idea to add a letterhead  that depicts The Easter Bunny. That will add to the genuine look. You can create this effect yourself or you can purchase special stationery that will work really well.
  • Encourage your child to leave a special snack out for The Easter Bunny. It’s up to you what sort of snack you leave out – it could be a carrot, a cookie, or just about anything at all. You see, if you participate in this process it will show your child that you believe as much as he or she does. The idea is to use this time as an opportunity to spend quality time with your child. These are the building blocks of cherished memories.
  • Along with the snack you can also leave a little note for The Easter Bunny. This note can include any final requests for a special treat or goodie as well as a special message to The Easter Bunny that will let him know that the treat was made especially for him.
  • Don’t forget to make it look like The Easter Bunny actually ate the snack. You can leave some pieces or even scribble a quick ‘Thank You’ note from The Easter Bunny. Another quick idea is to make some large ‘rabbit footprints’ in your house. That is proof that The Easter Bunny visited.
  • About a month after Easter you can send your children a postcard from The Easter Bunny. This will help keep your children believing and it will let them know that The Easter Bunny thinks about them year round. This helps to establish the fact that The Easter Bunny lives and loves all the time, not only at Easter. And if your child wonders about what The Easter Bunny does at other times during the year this will help provide some easy answers.
  • Let The Easter Bunny send your child a birthday message. This technique works hand in hand with the postcard idea. Once again a greeting from the Easter Bunny at a time other than Easter will help make him more real to children. It proves that he is there all the time, not just during Easter, and that adds to the magical power of the holiday hero. Your child will love knowing that The Easter Bunny knows and remembers his or her birthday.

These are the things that cherished memories are made of – this is how to create a childhood that will always be remembered fondly. Writing letters to The Easter Bunny and receiving a personalized letter from The Easter Bunny adds time for families to connect in a positive way. The Easter holiday becomes even more meaningful to everyone involved as the entire family enjoys a stronger bond. And when your child becomes an adult you can trust that he or she will want the same ideals for his/her own family. The favorite traditions will be passed on through the generations and The Easter Bunny will continue to live in our hearts forever!

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