The following 5 funny Halloween costumes, with a touch of original added, are very easy to put together and will bring laughs from all those that you meet on Halloween, even the scary skeletons, witches, and goblins!

Easy instructions for the 5 funny Halloween costumes follow for:

  1. Chest of Drawers
  2. Person Caught in Rain
  3. Gum Under Shoe  (a private detective was often referred to as a “gum shoe”)
  4. Ceiling Fan
  5. Weather Report

These can be used for last minute, quick and easy Halloween costumes, along with Homemade Halloween Costumes | 21 Last Minute Halloween Costumes.

5 Funny Halloween Costumes

Funny Halloween Costumes: Chest of Drawers

What you need:

  • t-shirt (tan or white)
  • boxer short in various colors or prints
  • two “knobs” or dimensional paint
  • glue or safety pins

What to do:

  1. Attach two “chest of drawer knobs” or use a dimensional paint to create the affect
  2. safety pin two pairs Boxer shorts to the front of your t-shirt (chest area)
  3. randomly safety pin two more pairs on the back of your shirt

And what are you? You’re a chest of drawers.

Funny Halloween Costumes: Person Stuck in Rain

What you need:

  • a rain coat
  • rain boots
  • hair gel
  • mascara
  • broken umbrella, inside out

What to do:

  1. put on the outfit first, but cover with a large towel so you don’t get the following #2 and #3 on it
  2. put lots of gel in your hair or hair spray to make your hair look really wet.
  3. put mascara or eyeliner on; smear it to give it a realistic caught in the rain look
  4. carry an inside-out broken umbrella for a more convincing effect

If you are going to a Halloween party, parade, or Trick-or-Treating with another person, one could be Caught in the Rain and the other, the Weather Report (see #5 below).

Caught-in-the-Rain costume could be very upset with Weather Report!

Funny Halloween Costumes: Gum Under a Shoe

What you need:

  • pink clothing
  • pink hat
  • shoe
  • large gum wrapper

What to do:

  1. on the top of the hat, glue a shoe
  2. design a gum wrapper large enough to partially wrap around your body
  3. wear the pink clothing
  4. wrap the gum wrapper loosely around your body so it appears to be stuck, allowing you to move safely

You’ll be a discarded piece of pink gum someone had placed in a wrapper before tossing.

Funny Halloween Costumes: Ceiling Fan

What you’ll need:

  • blank, white foam finger
  • plain sports cap (craft store)
  • plain athletic jersey or t-shirt
  • face paint and fabric paint or markers
  • Large playing card

What to do:

  1. write “Ceiling #1” on foam finger
  2. write “GO CEILING” on the hat
  3. write CEILING in all caps on t-shirt
  4. write “#1” on your cheeks with face paint
  5. design a sports card for your “Ceiling” player
  6. attach the sports card to the hat

Dress yourself up with the foam finger, face paint, hat with card, and “jersey.” And there you have it! You’re a Ceiling Fan.

Funny Halloween Costumes: Weather Report

  • light blue (sky) turtleneck
  • cotton balls
  • water spray bottle
  • misc weather icons (cardboard or foam) (lightening bolt, sun, wind, etc)

What to do:

  1. wear a light blue turtleneck
  2. glue cotton balls all over it and
  3. carry a spray bottle of water
  4. hang or attach weather icons on your shoulder or back

When anyone asked what you are, spray in the air and say “partly cloudy with a chance of showers.” (Don’t spray indoors – floor may become slippery and get on furniture). Surprise them with the unpredictable…change the weather using the icons.

Please take the time to share your funny Halloween costume ideas!