Funeral readings for Grandma – a very personal mission at a very emotional time. You hold Grandma dear to your heart…funeral readings help to put your love into words. You want to find the best poem appropriate for a funeral reading that relates to your special grandmother and granddaughter relationship.

Find the Best Funeral Readings for Grandma

Read the following five grandmother funeral poems, then re-read through each funeral poem again. While you read through 5 of the best poems appropriate for funeral readings for Grandma below, consider changing words or lines to reflect how you feel about your Grandma.

If you don’t find the funeral poem you need on this page, please look through more of the best funeral poems for grandparents shared on Nana’s Corner. (The poems you find can also be changed to read Nana, Grandfather, Mother, Father….)

Grandma Funeral Reading #1

This poem is one of my personal favorite funeral readings. It was read at the British Queen Mother’s funeral.

You can shed tears that she is gone
or you can smile because she has lived.
You can close your eyes and pray that she’ll come back
or you can open your eyes and see all she’s left.
Your heart can be empty because you can’t see her
or you can be full of the love you shared.
You can turn your back on tomorrow and live yesterday
or you can be happy for tomorrow because of yesterday.
You can remember her and only that she’s gone
or you can cherish her memory and let it live on.
You can cry and close your mind, be empty and turn your back
or you can do what she’d want: smile, open your eyes, love and go on.

~ Author Unknown ~

Grandma Funeral Reading #2

This funeral reading for Grandma is short but says alot. The grandchild would be able to quickly read the poem for her Grandma and feel good about taking part in the service.

Grandma, your life was full of loving deeds,
forever thoughtful of our special needs.
Today and tomorrow, my whole life through,
I will always love and cherish you.

~ Author Unknown ~

Grandma Funeral Reading #3

Here is another relatively short funeral reading for Grandma. As you can see, funeral poem readings do not need to rhyme. It is the message that people will remember and take with them.

Grandma, we’ll always remember that special smile,
that caring heart, that warm, embrace, you always gave us.
You being there for all of us through good and bad times, no matter what.
We’ll always remember you, Grandma,
because there will never be another one to replace you in our hearts…
and the the love we will always have for you.

~ Author Unknown ~

Grandma Funeral Reading #4

A funeral reading for Grandma describes what she meant to her grandchildren, what influences she had on them…her legacy.

There was magic in grandmother’s touch,
and sunshine in her smile.
There was love in everything she did
to make our lives worthwhile.
We found both hope and courage
just by looking in her eyes.
Her laughter was a source of joy,
her words warm and wise.
There was a kindness and compassion
found in her embrace,
And shining down from Heaven above
we see the glow of Grandma’s face.

~ Author Unknown ~

Grandma Funeral Reading #5

I included the following funeral reading for Grandma because it is a message I would want read to my grandchildren at my funeral to help ease their sadness…

Grandma Funeral Reading to Her Grandchild

Grandchild, please don’t mourn me I’m still here,
though you don’t see.
I’m right by your side each night and day
And within your heart I long to stay.
My body is gone but I’m always near,
I’m everything you feel, see or hear.
My spirit is free, but I’ll never depart
As long as you keep me alive in your heart.
I’ll never wander out of your sight,
I’m the brightest star on a summer night.
I’ll never be beyond your reach,
I’m the warm moist sand when you’re at the beach.
I’m the colorful leaves when Autumn’s around,
And the pure white snow that blankets the ground.
I’m the beautiful flowers of which you’re so fond,
The clear cool water in a quiet pond.
I’m the first bright blossom you’ll see in the spring,
The first warm raindrop that April will bring.
I’m the first ray of light when the sun starts to shine,
And you’ll see that the face in the moon is mine.
When you start thinking there’s no one to love you,
You can talk to Grandma through the Lord above you.
I’ll whisper my answer through the leaves on the trees,
And you’ll feel my presence in the soft summer breeze.
I’m the hot salty tears that flow when you weep,
And the beautiful dreams that come while you sleep.
I’m the smile you see on a baby’s face.
Just look for me, Grandchild, I’m every place!

~ Author Unknown ~
(revised by Nana)