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Alliteration Poem Contest | NYS Jersey Shore Sunglasses Prize

Nana's Corner is sponsoring an alliteration poem contest for school age children in grade 5 through grade 8. Because my family and thousands of other families have just experienced Hurricane Irene here on the Jersey Shore, the theme of the alliteration poem contest is "Hurricanes".  Here are a few rules: Alliteration must be obvious throughout your [...]

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Hurricane Preparedness – Get Ready!

How to Be Prepared: Hurricane Emergency You never know when the big one will hit - this weekend is a good example of that! We were on vacation on Long Beach Island off the coast of New Jersey this week, but had to cut it short because of the impending [...]

Funeral Poems: My Daddy, by JA Heitmueller

Memorial or Funeral Poem for Dad My Daddy by Jane-Ann Heitmueller is an excellent example of a poem that could be read at a funeral or memorial service to honor your father or grandfather. To make it personal for your dad or grandfather, just change or add a few words so it describes the [...]

How To Ideas for a Baby Shower Scrapbooking Theme

Baby shower scrapbooking theme - have you ever attended a scrapbooking baby shower? Hopefully you found my post looking for how to ideas for a baby shower scrapbooking theme or for ideas on something different. Scrapbooking is a fun hobby and creates a great keepsake for the new mother. Baby showers [...]