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Black History Month Poems: Poems by Maya Angelou and Langston Hughes

February is Black History Month. In most schools throughout our country, students extend their knowledge of the struggles endured by blacks through past generations escaping from the hateful oppressions of slavery enforced on them in the pre-civil rights South. Our junior English class recently finished studying A Lesson Before Dying [...]

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Alliteration Examples: Valentines Day Poem

Happy Valentine's Day from Nana to all of my "alliteration examples" fans. Here is an alliteration example using Valentines as a theme. You could also use this alliteration example as an exercise in learning new vocabulary if some of the "v" words are unfamiliar to you. If you use this [...]

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Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Grandchildren

Valentine's Day is a fun occasion to celebrate with grandchildren both near and far. There is still time to shop for Valentine's Day presents and Nana has a few Precious Moments gift ideas for you to choose from. If you don't find Valentine's Day gifts for your grandchildren below, [...]