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April Fools Day Fun Food Recipes

I love this April Fools' Day fun food recipe - who would ever guess the secret ingredients until they tasted the yummy breakfast foods! A big thanks, again, to Disney FamilyFun  magazine for sharing one of their April Fools' Day pranks with us! On April Fools' Day, trick your family with a [...]

Easter Poem: Easter Bunny Poem

Enjoy celebrating Spring and Easter with grandkids and kids of all ages by reciting this happy Easter poem, Busy Easter Bunny by Jane-Ann Heitmueller, just before everyone begins their much anticipated Easter Egg hunt! Busy Easter Bunny by Jane-Ann Heitmueller I watched him placing Easter eggs amongst the pretty flowers. The ones [...]

How to Know My Baby is Sick?

I remember years ago when we first brought our first born home. It was the middle of April and the temperature was in the 80's. The nurse had given us a bottle of water for our baby girl to take with us because of the heat. We arrived home, the [...]

Easter Crafts and Activities

Easter is almost here! It is hard to believe...we just had snow on the ground two weeks ago and yesterday was in the 70's! I hope it lasts through Easter and our Spring Break! Even though Easter is early this year, there is still plenty of time to enjoy Easter [...]

3 Song Alliteration Examples | Alliterative Lyrics

3 song alliteration examples, Helplessly Hoping, Alphabet Aerobics, and Be a Better Boy, are written using alliterative song lyrics. Song alliteration examples help us learn why song writers use alliteration. Think...which songs are easier to remember the lyrics? They are usually the songs that use alliterative song lyrics. Alliteration helps [...]

How to Write Persuasive Essays Help

How to write persuasive essays. Throughout the school years, students are taught how to write persuasive essays. In NJ it is a very important component of the PARCC exams taken by 11th graders in the month of March. Even the shorter open-ended answers follow a compact version of the persuasive [...]

Tips on Managing Media in Children’s Lives

How many forms of media are your children experiencing each day? How many electronic gadgets do your children use that allow your them easy access to outside influences? Have you taken an inventory lately? Kids and Media Consumption With the recent data from the Kaiser Family Foundation, which showed that [...]