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Help For Haiti: Gifts For You Now Donates

Donations and personalized gifts help those in need and those who give of themselves to help others. The devastation from the 7.0 Haiti earthquake is the worst that has happened to any one country with over 150,000 deaths, plus all those injured and homeless without food or water for too [...]

Poems About Grandchildren by Jane-Ann Heitmueller

Since I started blogging on NanasCorner two years ago, I've been very fortunate to meet amazing grandparents.  This past week I received an email from Jane-Ann Heitmueller which I want to share with you: As a grandmother to two I really enjoy your site. I particularly enjoy your grandparent and child [...]

Cervical Cancer Awareness: Prevent HPV

By Margaret Lewin, MD, FACP Medical Director of Cinergy Health ( Last year, 11,270 new cases of cervical cancer were diagnosed and another 1.2 million women will develop dysplasia, a condition which left untreated will turn into cervical cancer. Cervical cancer is a malignancy that develops in tissues of the [...]

Valentines Day Gifts: Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles are fun gifts anytime of the year. Why not add jigsaw puzzles to your list of unique Valentines Day gift ideas for your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, and even for your children and grandchildren. Find a favorite photo and create a Valentine card, then take a photo of [...]

ABC Alliteration Examples | Write and Publish Here

ABC Alliteration examples are fun to write...and can also be challenging when you try to start the words in the sentence with the same beginning alliterative sound or letter. Alliteration sentences can be turned into an alliteration poem when your ending words rhyme. ABC Alliteration Examples, Write and Publish Yours Alliteration [...]