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Christmas Party Games Create Christmas Traditions

Christmas Party Games - make them a family tradition along with singing humorous Christmas songs and telling humorous Christmas riddles and jokes during your Christmas holiday celebration. Christmas Traditions - Cookies, Christmas Movies, Christmas Lights Christmas is the time of year to gather with your loved ones celebrating your [...]

Thanksgiving Recipes: Pilgrim Hat Edible Treats

Are you looking for Thanksgiving Day activities to do with your grandchildren while dinner is being prepared? Here's a family fun Thanksgiving Day activity for kids to help make edible Pilgrim hats that taste yummy! My daughter, the preschool teacher, sent me a photo of the Pilgrim hat edible treats [...]

Awesome 8 Year Old Girl Christmas Gifts Wish List

8 Year Old Girl Christmas Gifts Awesome 8-year-old girl Christmas gifts for your list for an awesome girl? Christmas is approaching fast and Christmas sales are happening - it's time for this grandmother to get organized to take advantage of the early Christmas sales before the stores run out of [...]

Thanksgiving Dinner on a Budget

Do you plan your Thanksgiving dinner on a budget? Each year after Thanksgiving recipes have been enjoyed and turkey leftovers are the  main course, there are companies that conduct surveys in the United States to determine the costs of the average meal. They generally figure the costs for a meal that [...]

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Funny Turkey Dinner Poem | When Father Carved the Turk

A funny turkey dinner poem, When Father Carved the Turk, to share at the holiday table just before the turkey is carved. What is your funny dinner story? Can you turn it into a funny turkey dinner poem? Funny Turkey Dinner Poem Do you have a funny turkey dinner poem [...]

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Thanksgiving Dessert Recipes: Totally Low Fat Pumpkin Pie Recipe

What would Thanksgiving dinner be without the traditional dessert of pumpkin pie. I've loved pumpkin pie since I was five months old! Homemade pumpkin pie recipes can be low fat and still delicious. Pumpkin is fat free itself - it's what we put into the pumpkin pie recipe and the [...]

Thanksgiving Recipes: Turkey-Shaped Bread Bowl with 3 Dip Recipes

Here you are searching for Thanksgiving dinner ideas. Have you included Thanksgiving appetizers? While the real bird is roasting and you are finishing up the other Thanksgiving dinner recipes you'll be serving, present your guests with Thanksgiving appetizers to hold them over. You don't need to serve a lot of [...]