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Goblins in the Night, a Trick-or-Treating Poem

Goblins in the Night, a Trick-or-Treating Poem, is an original Halloween poem written from a young child's point of view who is inside his house on Halloween night.  Frightened earlier by goblins, vampires, witches, and other creatures who appeared at his door asking for candy, he hears knocking at the door [...]

5 Funny Halloween Costumes [DIY]

The following 5 funny Halloween costumes, with a touch of original added, are very easy to put together and will bring laughs from all those that you meet on Halloween, even the scary skeletons, witches, and goblins! Easy instructions for the 5 funny Halloween costumes follow for: Chest of Drawers [...]

18 Easy Cardboard Halloween Costume Ideas [Recycled]

cardboard Halloween costume ideas Think outside the box! Get creative, recycle cardboard - 18 fun-to-make, easy cardboard Halloween costume ideas for a great family Halloween project. Designing Halloween costumes is a great family project. Be sure to let everyone have some creative freedom in designing their own easy [...]

20 Simple Teen DIY Costume Ideas [Halloween]

simple DIY Halloween costumes The creative, simple teen DIY costume ideas the high school students parade throughout the day to celebrate Halloween always amazed me. Very few of the Halloween costumes were purchased. If time is short, you might find a last minute funny Halloween costume ideas in Halloween [...]

Celebrate Your Girlfriends and Sisters

August 1 is National Girlfriend and Sister's Day! But any day can be a day to celebrate friends, so take the time to send this to all your sisters, mothers, grandmothers, daughters, granddaughters, and girlfriends in an email such as I was fortunate to receive today from my true girlfriends. It [...]

Michelle Obama, Fashion Trend Setter

Will Michelle Obama's fashion trends influence our Christmas gift buying this year? As a young teen in the early 60's, I remember hearing about the fashion style of First Lady Jackie Kennedy. Jackie was a fashion trend setter, one who even influenced me the Spring before President Kennedy died. I well remember feeling quite grown up [...]

Grandparents Day: Best Grandparents Day Resources

Happy Grandparents Day! Our family actually celebrated National Grandparents Day the Sunday of Labor Day weekend instead of the designated first Sunday after Labor Day (US) or the first Sunday in October (Canada). Our family celebrated Grandparents Day with good old fashioned food and fun that Poppy and I enjoyed as young kids, too! Celebrate [...]

Grandparents Day Directory: Grandparents Day Poems and More

Grandparents Day has been celebrated by grandparents and grandchildren together on the first Sunday after Labor Day in September since 1978. Grandparents Day was created to bring the generations closer together through bonding activities, whether together or through long distance communication. Are you looking for grandparent poems and fun things [...]