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Friendship Poems, Quotes, Bracelets, and Bread Recipe

Friendship poems and friendship quotes are a great way of letting your friends know how much you appreciate their loyal, supportive, never ending friendship. Include a friendship poem, friendship recipe, or friendship quote in an invitation to spend the day together visiting antique stores, getting pampered at a spa, play [...]

3 Alliterative Sports Poems Put You In The Exciting Moment

3 Sports poems: cheerleading poem, basketball poem, baseball poem, all create visual and sensory impressions for the reader through use of alliteration. Sports Poems: Cheerleading, Basketball, Baseball Just as sports are fun for both boys and girls, poetry can be fun also. Both boys and girls can enjoy the following [...]

Summer Pool Safety – Cover It!

Our family vacation on Long Beach Island was great! After having weeks of rain since our son's wedding the weekend after Memorial Day, our LBI vacation was especially enjoyable with 8 days of sunshine! While on vacation, there was a potential disaster in the making back at our daughter's house. [...]

4th of July Family Fun in NJ

Memorable 4th of July Family Fun in NJ 4th of July Family Fun in NJ, a Poem It's time for 4th of July family fun, That means lots of time with loved ones in the sun... We're about to go on our family 4th of July vacation. We're going with [...]

DIY 4th of July Bike Parade | How To

A great way for parents, grandparents and grandchildren together to celebrate the 4th of July is to decorate bikes for a DIY 4th of July bike parade. How to Have a DIY 4th of July Bike Parade Fourth of July decorations can be created with very little expense. Visit your [...]