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How Many Easter Baskets?

It's always been our family's tradition for both grandparents and parents to each give Easter baskets to the grandchildren. The Easter Bunny leaves an Easter basket for each child in their home filled with surprises and also leaves an Easter basket for each grandchild at their grandparents' home, filled with [...]

22 Spring Poems for Children | Spring Poems for Young Kids

Spring Poems for children. Read Spring Poems with your children, students, or grandchildren this Spring. Spring ~ Wondrously February withdraws to warm March with a golden glow from Spring’s shining sun sent down to lead the way for April’s soothing showers soon to bring fragrant flowers and dance on May’s blossoming bounty. ~ by ~ In our Springtime Garden ~ What a lovely time of year, time of year, time of year, What a lovely time of year, in our springtime garden See the flowers swing and sway, swing and sway, swing and sway, See the flowers swing and sway, in our springtime garden. ~ Author Unknown ~

Fun Learning Videos for Children

I recently shared with you the reaction  my daughter's nursery school students had when they watched Rock N Learn's Alphabet Exercise video. It kept the kids active and their attention for the entire video! The other teachers thought the kids' exercise video was great, too. Now I have more to tell you about! [...]

Children’s Garden Poem with Children’s Gardening Tips Directory

Children's Garden Poem and Projects If you are looking for an ongoing activity to do with grandchildren, why not learn a children's garden poem, My Spring Garden, and plan a child-friendly garden together! A children's garden is a wonderful recycle and reuse project to celebrate Earth Day. It is also [...]

Love Poem to Loved One Serving in Armed Forces

Love poem to a husband, partner, or boyfriend serving in the armed forces expressing the loneliness and fear felt by so many loved ones of those bravely serving for freedom. When I was in college, I wrote a friendship love poem to two friends who were sent to Viet Nam. [...]

Grandparents Raising Grandchildren: Ocean County, NJ

This happening for grandparents raising grandchildren came to my attention just today. I hope it isn't too late for grandparents raising grandchildren living in the Toms River, Ocean County, area of New Jersey... PROJECT  T.A.L.K.  PRESENTS "Grandfamilies of America" "Experience the Journey: A Tribute to Caregivers" Are you a grandparent raising a [...]

Ocean Fun Day – NJ Marine Science Consortium

Family Fun in NJ This information was sent to me by Amanda at the New Jersey Marine Science Consortium. The NJMSC is an organization that teaches children throughout NJ about marine and environmental science. They have an up-coming event, Ocean Fun Days, that I think your kids, grandkids, and school [...]

How to Stop a Crying Baby in Seconds

Our new grandson will arrive on April 29! We are all excited. Since we know the sex, we want to be surprised with the name...although Emily tells us her baby brother's name is Luke. She's very definite about it. Her sister and parents aren't telling the grandparents. I didn't go [...]

Groomsmen Gifts – What to Give?

At the beginning of May, our third grandchild will be born...a boy. The new arrival will be the third for our oldest them two girls and a boy. Poppy and I also have two girls and a boy, with our son as the youngest. I don't know where the time has [...]

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