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Give the Gift of an Experience

Instead of giving a gift that may last but a short time, give the gift of an experience. It will last a lifetime with the wonderful memories you'll create together. Give an experience you can share with your grandchildren. The gift of an experience is a great Christmas gift, too...and Jenkinson's Aquarium is [...]

Inspirational Graduation Poem | Being True to Yourself

An inspirational graduation poem, Being True to Yourself, for teens and young adults is a poem that should be shared. Teen years can be difficult ones for most everyone going through that stage of life. Often an inspirational poem can set young people on to the right path of being [...]

Senior Citizen Medical Security System

I'm a member of the Sandwich Generation. This membership places me in the middle of the family order. On one side, I love, cherish, and worry about our children and their children. It's only natural. On the other side, I love, cherish, and worry about the elder parent side. It's [...]

3 Valentine’s Cupcake Recipes

Are you looking for special cupcake recipes? Here are 3 to enjoy cooking with your grandchildren. On my drive home from work yesterday, I listened to an interview with food writer Nigella Lawson (on who shared some of her favorite Valentine's recipes: Love Buns, Chocolate Cherry Cupcakes, and Butterfly Cakes.... Enjoy making [...]

Ashley Rice: Girls Rule

Meet Ashley Rice, Author: I am an author and illustrator of several books including Girls Rule: A very special book created especially for girls (Teens & Young Adults) and Thanks for Being My Friend: A Special Book to Celebrate Friendship with Someone Very Important... You (among many other titles)...I also [...]

Chocolate Gifts Under $30

Here are a few last minute gift ideas, under $30, from ( is the world’s largest chocolate marketplace. It features products by the country’s best artisan chocolate and candy makers - over 2,000 unique products made by over 90 carefully selected vendors. valentine lollipops valentine oreo cookies valentine [...]

3 Valentine Handprint Poems

For Valentine's Day, stamp you child's red-painted hand onto construction paper, card stock, plate, or fabric. Add one of these Valentine Handprint Poems to make a keepsake gift for mom, dad, grandma, or grandpa. The heart-shaped handprint can be used with any handprint poem for any special holiday or occasion [...]