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Gifts for Grandparents and Grandchildren | Photo Puzzle Poem

Gifts for Grandparents and Grandchildren | Poem Looking for a unique Grandparents Gift? or a Gift for Grandchildren? This short four-line poem, I Love You to Pieces, is perfect for photo puzzle gifts for grandparents and grandchildren. I Love You to Pieces Open this gift of a loving memory, When [...]

Welcome Christmas Lyrics by Dr. Seuss [Lyrics and Video]

Welcome Christmas lyrics by Dr. Seuss is the song sung in How the Grinch Stole Christmas to the Who's in Whoville. You can read the Welcome Christmas lyrics by Dr. Seuss as a fun Dr. Seuss poem for Christmas Day. Print copies of the lyrics for your family members. How would this [...]

Santa’s Favorite Healthy Chocolate Chip Cookies

About five years ago, the buzz going around was that Santa needed to go on a diet. When we think of Santa, we think big, cuddly, and jolly. Santa wouldn't be Santa if he were thin, but we do want him to be healthy so he can continue to spread [...]

Santa Claus Letters | To and From Santa

Santa Claus Letters Q & A: How do I get a personalized letter from Santa sent to my child? You have two options: you can do it all yourself, or you can order a personalized Santa Letter from a reputable company. Santa Claus Letters Do It Yourself Personalized Santa Claus [...]

7 Year Old Christmas Wish List

Our 7 year old granddaughter has posted her Christmas wish list online. Online wish lists are great for grandparents, far or near. It makes Christmas shopping for grandchildren so much easier. I won't have to drive around, fight the crowds, and end up not finding what I'm looking for! No gas or time wasted. I'll [...]

Bridal Shower Poem with Gift Idea

My daughter-in-law to be received a lovely bridal shower candle gift with a poem from a friend’s grandmother. This gift with candles to celebrate important events throughout a marriage would be easy to make yourself for a bridal shower gift for a granddaughter bride or newlywed. The included poem explains the meaning [...]

Thanksgiving Poem: To Grandmother’s House We Go

No collection of Thanksgiving poems would be complete without this old time favorite Thanksgiving poem, To Grandmother's House We Go, which is also a folk song. I remember singing it when I was a young child and continued the tradition with my own children. Now it's time to teach it [...]

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21 Thanksgiving Poems for Kids

Thanksgiving poems for kids - almost one for everyday leading up to Thanksgiving Day in November.  Have fun reading and acting out the humorous Thanksgiving poems for kids with your kids or grandkids. We find this is a fun way to spend time together while we are waiting for Tom Turkey [...]

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