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Grandparents Day: Photo Memory Book Keepsake Gift

National Grandparents Day is celebrated every year on the Sunday following Labor Day. Grandparents Day is meant to be a family day bringing the generations together enabling the younger ones to appreciate their grandparents and their accomplishments. Some families enjoy small, private gatherings while others hold family reunions and celebrate [...]

Grandchild’s Present for 1st Day of School: My Twinn Baby Doll

Grandparents, does your granddaughter love to play Mommy and is she attending school for the first time this year? Why not celebrate the occasion for your grandchild by giving your granddaughter a one of a kind, wonderful gift that can last a lifetime. Give your grandchild an adorable just-like-me baby doll [...]

Poem to Grandmother from Deceased Grandchild

Bereavement Poem Request by Grandmother of Deceased Grandson I received an email this week from Dana who asked me to write a poem for a grandmother whose grandson had been killed in a car accident. She wants to include a poem that would reflect the grandmother's and grandson's close relationship in a [...]

Funeral Poem from Grandchildren

Personal Grandmother Funeral Poem Are you searching for a poem to read at your grandparent's funeral? There are many funeral or bereavement poems to find on websites such as this one, but the best funeral poem would be a personal funeral poem you write for your grandparent from your heart. Recently, [...]

Father of the Bride Reception Speech | Father’s Poem to Bride

Father of the Bride has only a few responsibilities beyond paying for the wedding, or at least part of it these days, since many couples do help with the costly expenses associated with the bride's dream wedding. At the wedding ceremony, the bride's father has one very important responsibility, and [...]

Funeral Poem from a Deceased Grandparent

I'm Free...Often a poem from a deceased grandparent and parent to those who mourn can give comfort reminding their grandchildren and children how they wish them to react to their loved one's death...not to be sad but to celebrate life. I’m Free Don’t grieve for me, for now I’m free I’m following the path God [...]

How to Help Children with Grieving

With my grandchildren's great-grandmother passing away this past week, I am concerned about how they will react as time goes on. They attended the viewing and the burial ceremony. Kaitlin, the oldest of the two great-granddaughters placed drawings into the coffin from the two of them for Mom-Mom to take [...]

Genealogy Poem: Tracing My Tree

For the past 15 or more years, I have been tracing our family trees. After we became grandparents, I became even more determined to gather as much family history as I could so I could pass it on to our grandchildren. Now, with the passing of their great-grandmother, I'm so very glad I [...]