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Grandparents Poem for a New Baby Grandchild

A grandparents poem for a new baby grandchild shares emotions of joy and love felt from the moment a baby grandchild comes into your life. It is a love poem for a new baby. A grandparents poem for a new baby will become a loving keepsake that, for years to come, can be [...]

Grandchildren Graduation Poems | Inspirational Poems

Grandchildren Graduation Poems for their special day. Graduation is an exciting time in a young person's life. It can be stressful, too. Often inspirational poems can be used as graduation poems for grandchildren. Inspirational Grandchildren Graduation Poems Inspirational grandchildren graduation poems can help motivate your high school graduate to look positively into [...]

Poems for Grandparents | 7 Grandparent Poems

Poems for grandparents are one way of expressing love for our grandparents. Another way grandchildren can express their love and respect are through acts of kindness. We celebrate our GrandMothers on Mother's Day in May and GrandFathers on Father's Day in June. Words in poems for grandparents alone cannot express our [...]

6 Rhyming Poems for Kids | Grandparents and Grandchildren Fun

Classic rhyming poems for kids to enjoy with Grandparents. Do you remember being read those everlasting classic rhyming poems for kids by your parents or grandparents? Now, as parents or grandparents, you can enjoy them again! Reading to a child helps build skills and relationships. Grandparents and grandchildren reading rhyming [...]

Grandparents and Grandchildren Together: Gifts to Make for Grandmother

I've been searching for more gifts to make for grandmother, grandma, nana, gammy, gamma, mema...or anyone thought of as "grandmother."  A gift made with love and kisses from grandchildren is the best present for a grandmother. The following homemade gifts to make for grandmother are ones that I, personally, would love to receive (hint, hint): Decorated Keepsake Box [...]

Grandparents and Grandchildren Together: Grandchildren Poems

Grandchildren grow so fast, where does the time go? Grandchildren start out so helpless, so dependent on those who love them...grandparents more so than ever before. There's nothing in this world that compares to being a words can express the emotions that grow from the first moment grandparents learn that a grandchild [...]

Grandparents and Grandchildren Living Together Advantages

Why are More Grandparents and Grandchildren Living Together Grandparents and grandchildren living together advantages are perfect for this economy. The following article came to my attention through recently. I thought it might be of interest to many of my visitors thinking about asking their grandchildren to move in with them. The URL for [...]

Gifts for Grandparents and Grandchildren Together: Webcam for Eyejot and Digital Photo Key Chain

I previously wrote a post on March 8 about Eyejot, a grandparent user friendly webcam program that can be used from your desktop or laptop so that you and your grandchildren can keep visually in touch while having enjoyable conversations, too.  If you are a distant grandparent, using Eyejot with a webcam is great. Your [...]

8 Grandma Poems from Granddaughter [Original Collection]

My collection of 8 short, original Grandma Poems from Granddaughter was written in honor of my grandmother and my mother-in-law. They are dedicated to those loving women and all the wonderful Grandmas, Grandmothers, and Nanas past, present, and soon to be. The collection of Grandma Poems from Granddaughter are a [...]

Grandmothers and Grandchildren: Recommended Mother's Day Gifts for Nana, Grandma, and Great-Grandma

Grandmothers are known by many names. I called my grandmother Nana, my mother was Nana, and I am Nana. My father's mother was called Grandma, and so is my daughter's mother-in-law. I know a Gama, a MeMa, a Gammy, and my mother-in-law is MomMom. Whatever the title we bestow on [...]