Baby shower baseball theme tips are learned from a DIY baby boy shower. Last spring I held a baby shower for my oldest daughter who was expecting a baby boy…after having two girls. I was excited to be able to decorate the baby shower with decorations, favors, and refreshments centered around a baby boy theme.

Baby shower favors  and decorations can add that special something to such a memorable occasion. The baby shower baseball theme? Yankees, of course, since it was the beginning of the baseball season and we are all NY Yankees fans!  Appropriately, our guests were given a blue baseball candle as their take home baby shower favor. Read below for 14 baseball themed baby shower tips…

[ Update: Exactly 2 years after Luke was born, his cousin Dylan joined our family. For tips on how to give a DIY Scrapbooking Baby Shower, read How to Have a Scrapbooking Baby Shower. ]

Baby Shower Baseball Theme Tips

Make or buy baby shower baseball themed invitations in the shape of a baseball or mitt…or a ticket to the sporting event baby shower.Here are some ideas for a baseball themed baby shower:

  1. Make or order a cake copying the invitation. Serve baseball themed cookies on the side.
  2. Decorate with balloons in the same sport theme or favorite team colors.
  3. Hang a clothes line adding sports themed baby clothes.
  4. Make a centerpiece using a stuffed animal dressed in a sports t-shirt surrounded by a few sports themed toys.
  5. Include a floral bouquet in the team colors.
  6. Have guests autograph a “team” ball as a baby shower keepsake.
  7. Create pennants with the baby’s name (if known) or last name in the theme’s sports colors.
  8. Design a game around the sport – divide your guests into teams with the team with the most “runs” or “hits” wins. Use a “scoreboard” to keep track.
  9. For a mommy-daddy shower, have the guests play wiffle ball.
  10. Ideas for baby shower favors can be wiffle ball sets, baseball candles, baseball cards with the expectant couple’s photo, baseball ornaments, baseball themed toys, or engraved mini baseball bats.
  11. For refreshments, include “baseball” food – or set it up as a tailgate party, serving whatever the mom likes.
  12. For a party not at home, hold it during a minor league game in the cooler baseball weather for comfort. They have party rooms you can reserve if you don’t want to tail gate.
  13. Or hold the baby shower at a park so children and dads can attend, too, allowing for baseball themed shower games for all.

This would be a great idea for a baby shower that includes dad, too!  He wouldn’t feel as out of place as if it were totally a delicate baby theme.  Best time of the year would be between April and October…just don’t schedule it on opening day or during the World Series! If the baby is due in the winter months, you can still decorate with baseball themed baby shower favors and decorations indoors…anytime is good baseball time! Go Yankees!