Water Play Gifts for Grandpa

Father’s Day is approaching. Have you thought about water play gifts? The big question for our grandchildren is what to get Poppy, Pop Pop, and Daddy for their day of honor? Since we spend many days at the beach during the summer and our grandson loves water play, I’ve come up with some water play themed gifts that both his grandfathers and Daddy can enjoy with him.

Benefits of Water Play Gifts

Children’s toys allow grandparents to be kids again, keeps us young at heart. Creative water play provides opportunities for bonding between children and their grandparents. Water play not only helps children develop their cognitive and motor skills, it can also be helpful in the same ways to aging grandparents as well. Many imaginative role-playing stories have evolved from water and sand play. Giving Granddad creative children’s gifts also helps him to be prepared for fun visits with his grandkids…get the camera ready – it will be priceless!

Grandparent Gifts for Childlike Fun

Take a look at Nana’s suggestions…

Munchkin Gone Fishin Bath Toy Set

Water Wheel Activity Play Table

Sassy Catch and Count Net

Small World Sand & Water Toys

Seaside Sand Baking Set

Sandmill Dump Truck Set

Backpack Sand Play Set

Mushroom Baby Pool 40″X 35″

Rainbow Ring Pool Play Center

Little Tikes Mudpie Kitchen

Ocean Play Center

Seaside Sand Cookie Set