Valentine Handprint Poems

Valentine handprint poems for mom, dad, grandma, grandpa (aunts, and uncles too) sent with love bring a smile and joy to the heart. I’ve created a collection of Valentine handprint poems, complete with handprint designs, for you to search for the perfect Valentine for favorite relatives…and friends, too. Don’t forget your child’s teacher, babysitter, and bus driver! Everyone loves to feel special and Valentine handprint poems can do just that…take a look first at the handprint poems…and then at the various valentine designs your children can use with the poems.

Handprint Poems for Valentines

Valentine Handprint Poem #1

I used my tiny hands
to make a little heart.
This Valentine is special
a perfect piece of art
I give it to you Nana (Mom, Dad, Grandpa)
Will you be my Valentine?
I made this perfect gift
to ask you to be mine!

Valentine Handprint Poem 2

With your two hands you’ve cradled me
And loved me from the start
So with some paint and my two hands
I’ve made for you a heart
You can frame it in a picture frame
Or hang it by the phone
You can tuck it in my baby book
To show me when I’ve grown

Valentine Handprint Poem #3

Aside from my two handprints
And the memories they’ll provide
The most important gift
Is all the love they hold inside.

Valentine Handprint Poem #4

Even ten little fingers can’t count
the ways I love you with all my heart.

Valentine Handprint Poem #5

I’m going to wrap myself in paper,
I’m going to stick myself with glue
I’m goint to tie a big bow on me
and mail myself to you!

Valentine Handprint Poem #6

Sometimes you get discouraged
because I am so small
and always leave my fingerprints
on furniture and walls
But everyday I’m growing
I’ll be grown up someday
and all those tiny handprints
will simply fade away
so here’s a final handprint
just so you can recall
exactly how my fingers looked
when I was very small.

Handprint Valentine Designs

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valentine handprint poems  valentine handprint poems