Baby Handprint and Footprint Poem to Newborn Baby

The following baby handprint and footprint poem is perfect to pair with a photo of a mother or grandmother (father, parents, grandfather,  grandparents) holding her newborn baby in her arms.  Print the poem on scrapbooking vellum paper and attach to either plain or pale baby patterned scrapbooking paper or cardstock. Place the photo below or above the poem.  Stamp your newborn baby’s hands and feet onto plain cardstock (or use photos). When the impressions are dry, cut them out using border scissors and paste them in the four corners of the paper. Place the completed baby handprint poem page into an attractive matted frame. This will make a wonderful gift and a keepsake for baby’s parents and grandparents.

Baby Handprint and Footprint Poem Scrapbook Layout

As part of a scrapbook page layout, baby’s ultra sound photo plus baby’s feet and hand photos being touched or held by the person in the photo can also be added.

To My Grandchild

Before I held you in my arms,

I became enamoured with your charms.

I watched you grow as you began,

anxious to hold your tiny hand.

My circle of life was not complete,

until I touched your tiny feet.

©2011 Barbara R Johnson


Note: If you’d like to know how my daughter made the baby’s tux, just email me:  [email protected].