Nana and Grandad Poem from Grandchild

Nana and Grandad

My Nana and my Grandad
They really are the best
And when they give me cuddles
I know that I am blessed

We have lots of fun together
We like to laugh and play
They always make me smile
And can chase the grumps away

They’re always there to help me
Or praise me if I’m good
They’re always there to listen
If I feel misunderstood

They don’t mind if I make a mess
Or have sticky hands and feet
And I know if I am well behaved
I’ll get a little treat

Nana and Grandad I love you lots
Thanks for all you do
And I hope that I grow up to be
As wonderful as you

~Emmalene Taylor-Maguire~

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10 thoughts on “Nana and Grandad Poem from Grandchild

  1. my nanan has stood by me throw everything and she loves me too peices and they day she leaves me will be the day my life ends she is caring loving at hates what this world has turned into she is respectful and takes care of her family she has always had open arms to us and despite what happens she always will we went through a phase where we didnt see her for 3 years and it was heartbreaking and then i went to live with her and i treated her wrongley and only now do people realize how much it hurts is when the job has been done..

    Nanan and Grandad i love you more that words can say and despite what we have been through nothing has ever changed we all love you nobody can not your loving caring you dont understand we have our ups and downs but your always my nanan and you fill a hole in my heart never forget that i love you more than anything dont think any different xxx <3 ??

  2. This is a really beautiful poem, everytime i read it it always brings a tear to my eye.Thank you for whoever wite this its lovley, my nan and grandad will love it

  3. ahhh that poem was ggorgeous i read it to my nan and grandad and they started crying

  4. I live with my grandparents and they r such a inspiration I am doin scrapbooking and I will make sure to use some of this poem :) thanx !!

  5. this poem almost makes me cry. my papa is no longer living but i still wanna grow up and be just like him but my nana is and i love to spend every second i can with her

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  7. i really love this poem so i will be reading it at my nanna and grandads wedding renewalz :)x

  8. No, I don’t mind. I wish I could take credit for this poem, but I am not the author. I’m glad you found a poem on to give to your parents. That’s a wonderful grandparents’ gift! Poppy and I can never have too many photos of our grandchildren.

  9. this is such a beautiful little poem… I hope you don’t mind me borrowing it to accompany a photograph that I am giving to my parents for Christmas.

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