Hugs and Kisses Poems for Grandparents and Dad

A simple gift of hugs and kisses can mean the world to grandparents. It is a simple gift that can last long after the jar of Hershey’s Kisses and Hugs that accompanies this hugs and kisses poem has been emptied.

Poem for Grandparents and Dad, Too!

Below is a poem that our grandson gave to his Daddy on Father’s Day. This can also be given to Grandparents on Grandparents Day or as a birthday present. As you can see from the photo below, the poem is printed simply on a piece of construction paper or card stock, framed with a color that matches the arms and hands attached on each side and cross over the poem as if they were giving a hug.  Present the poem with a jar of Hershey Kisses and Hugs to Dad or Grandparents, and don’t forget to give the real ones, too!

Hugs and Kisses Poem 1

If all these kisses aren’t enough,

If all these hugs don’t work their charm,

I have two arms to help keep you warm.

If this gift doesn’t show how much I care,

I have REAL hugs and kisses to share!

Hugs and Kisses Poem 2

Fill a jar with Hershey’s Hugs and Kisses.  Take one pair of new sports socks and one pair of gloves (gardening gloves, work gloves, etc.)  Tack the socks together toe to toe.  This makes a pair of arms.  Tack one glove to the the open end of each of the socks.  Now you have arms and hands.  Wrap the arms and hands around the jar a couple of times, crossing the hands at the front and tack together. 

Attach this poem:

If all these Kisses aren’t enough,

There’s two hands to help with garden stuff.

If all these hugs don’t work their charm,

There’s two arms to help keep you warm.

If this gift doesn’t show how much we care,

We have REAL hugs & kisses to share!


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