Grandmother Poems

Grandmother's Rocking Chair Poem

Even today, with all of the independent, cool, techno savy, cell phone texting, SUV driving, hard-working Grandmothers…somethings never change, thank goodness. We grandmothers are still rocking our grandchildren to sleep, or sitting with them on our lap while we read them a story… It’s those special one-on-one rocking moments that seem to stay with us, that bring grandmothers and grandchildren closer together.

Grandmother’s Rocking Chair

Grandma, hold me a little longer,
Rock me a little more.
Tell me another story,
(You’ve only told me four!)
Let me sleep on your shoulder.
I love your happy smile.
I’ll always love you Grandma,
so stay with me awhile.

~ Karen O. Tribeit ~

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  • Reply Deanna Nickell 2014/10/13 at 6:48 pm

    I am enjoying reading your poems. I have 4 Grandchildren and always wanting to send poems to them.

    • Nana
      Reply Nana 2014/10/13 at 7:33 pm

      Thank you, Deanna! Do you have a favorite poem you share with your grandchildren?

  • Reply Nana Connie 2008/07/14 at 6:21 am

    Oh Nana, why do you have to go home?
    Your poem says it all.

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