Grandmother’s Death Poem: Special Moments

original funeral poem

Special Moments

A special moment…come and gone,
You smiled when you heard our song.

Don’t worry, now I’m here to stay,
I’ll hold your hand along the way.

You don’t have much farther to go,
Grandmother, I’ll miss you ever so.

Thank you for all that you have shown,
A lifetime of special moments…come and gone.

by Barbara M. Johnson
~ Nana’s Corner ~

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4 thoughts on “Grandmother’s Death Poem: Special Moments

  1. Dedicated to my beloved Dad, A. Kanaga Sabaapathy

    The greatest gift God gave us was you, our beloved Dad!!!

    We are very grateful and proud to call you Appa.

    We remember how your arms hold us and gave us strength.

    We will never say goodbye to you our father because

    We know this not end for us to each other.

    Words cannot explain how much you mean to us [your Love is too big to put into words]

    While you’re in heaven, please watch over us and help us as we grow!

    We know you’ll be in heaven as a shining Star!!

    Dad our love for you will never part, you are our Hero!!!

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