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Grandchildren to Grandparent Poems

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Posted by | 8 April 2008 13 Comments

This page is dedicated to all the wonderful Grandparents past, present, and soon to be. Poems are a wonderful way to express our feelings for our loved ones.  Write a poem to your grandparent and publish it on Nana’s Corner.

Grandma Days

Grandma days are happy days…
We have so many ways to play.
When are you coming to visit me…
Can it be soon, can it, please?
Reading, cooking, drawing with you…
Climbing, jumping, exploring, too
When’s the next time we can play…
Can it be next Saturday?

For a Loving Grandmother

Thinking of you today,
and how you make
the world a nicer place ~
from all the special ways
you care about your family,
to the thoughtfulness
you show others…
And sending you this wish
filled with loving appreciation
for your warm heart, your kindness,
and all the other qualities
that make you so very special.

Days Full of Love

My memories of you
and the days we’ve shared
are full of love,
but you probably know that ~
because you put the love
into every one.

Your Love is a Rare and Beautiful Gift

Grandmothers can turn simple moments
into gifts of love
Your love is a rare and beautiful gift
and you show it in so many ways ~
In the pride that you take in your family,
in your words of affection and priase,
In your laughter and warm sense of humor,
in the generous things that you do ~
Your love is a rare and beautiful gift
and there’s no one who shares it
like you.

Sweet Grandma

My Grandma is so sweet
When she visits, it’s a treat.
Gum drops and lollipops
The day should never stop
Peppermints and licorice
Lots of hugs and a sticky kiss
Cupcakes and gooey icing,
Grandma’s love is so enticing.

I Love You More Than I Can Express

Grandmother, you are wonderful,
so gentle, and yet so strong.
You’ve always shown that you care,
and without a doubt I belong.

You’ve been patient when I’ve strayed,
and offered guidance when asked.
It seems you can do anything,
and fantastic with every task.

Always a source of calming comfort
and a safety net when I fall.
Your love helps me in stressful times
and supports me through it all.

I love you more than I can express,
I pray I’ve earned your respect.
If I had my choice of grandmothers,
you’d be the only one I’d select!

Thank you, Grandmother

Childhood memories come to mind
Loving ones aren’t difficult to find.
The moments we spent together
Will always be special, grandmother.
Thank you for your comfort and warmth,
For being there when I needed you the most.


Grandmother, you mean the world to me.
Through your eyes I’ve been able to see
how things are really meant to be.
If I could go back and revisit those days,
the wonderful times when we would play,
I’d grasp the memories along the way.
Someday I’ll have grandchildren of my own.
I can only hope that when they are grown
they’ll have such memories of their own.


  • krissy mohammed said:

    these poems really help me to get over my grief of loosing my grand mom thanks alot

  • savannah said:

    i really enjoyed these poems because they help inspire my writing

  • sierra said:

    i love these pomes and it is my grandmas birthday and i wrote her a few.

  • Rachell said:

    Made me cry! It reminded me of my grandma when she was alive:( i miss her much!!!!!!!!! :’(

  • the chick said:

    real sweet. i had tears in my eyes. i was just thinking about how much i love my grandma



  • lexi said:

    i love the poems so much…i pick to and i think my nana well like them

  • a person said:

    these are really sweet!!
    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  • Summer said:

    I think these poems are very good they remind me of my nanna and i think they are great. I think the’I love you more than i can express’ poem is the best but they are all good(Y) xx <3

  • carrie said:

    So cute for little kids!!

  • Missa said:

    Aww, these were so beautiful.
    I enjoyed reading these, and like Connie said,
    it reminds me of the days when i used to play with my great grandma

  • Connie (Kim's Mom) said:

    Thank you for your comment! I’m glad you enjoyed your “visit”, and hope you visit often!

    I enjoyed reading the poems here. They take me back to memories of time spent with my own Grandmas, as well as being a good reminder of the importance of making memories with my own children and grandchildren.

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