being true to yourself - graduatrion poemTeen years can be difficult ones for most everyone going through that stage of life. Often an inspirational poem can set young persons on to the right path of being true to themselves. Being True to Yourself is an inspirational poem written by Ashley Rice giving encouragement to do just that…being true to yourself. Her poem can also be used for graduation, too. Ashley Rice’s poems and other inspirational items can be found on Blue Mountain Arts.

Being true to yourself takes guts.
First, you’ve got
to face everything around
you and figure out what is
important: what you think
really counts. Second, you’ve
got to interact with a lot
of people who may see things
differently. But life has lots
of smiles and frowns, as
days have their own ups and
downs. And…
if you are true to yourself
in all that you do
and if you keep working to make your
dreams come true…then you
will achieve success by just
doing your best.
You’ve got everything it takes
to be true to you.

~ Ashley Rice ~
This copyrighted poem is posted with permission from Ashley Rice.