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Irish Alliteration Examples: Happy St. Patrck’s Day! To celebrate, create your own St. Patrick’s Day Irish alliteration examples to share with your class. I’ve written two Irish alliteration examples to help you write your own. Here is a challenge: Write an Irish limmerick using alliteraion and share it here!

My nane is Katie Carney, a leprechaun lassie
with Irish eyes, green and glowing,
on a freckled face beneath beautiful auburn hair,
and a pixie personality full of boastful blarney.

Sing a song with me and dance a duo Irish jig
around and around the glittering pot of gold
atop a sheet of shimmering shamrocks
floating across a fragrant field
on the hills beneath the high reaching rainbow
that blesses both lads and lassies.


Little leprechauns laughed lightly
as shimmering shamrocks opened oppulently
under the sun’s shining silhouette
on St. Patrick’s special day.
To celebrate, they silently
placed pots of gilded gold
at the ends of resonating rainbows
arching high above the Irish hills.


© 2012 Barbara R Johnson
~ ~

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