Winter Alliterative Poem | Alliteration Examples

November 29th, 2011|Alliterations, Poems by NanasCorner, Winter Poems|

A winter alliterative poem, Winter's Window, provides the reader with an image of one of nature's masterpieces. Winter Alliterative Poem Have you experienced the vision of looking through winter's window after clouds have cleared and the moon

Christmas Alliteration Poem | Santa’s Sleigh Alliteration Poem

November 27th, 2011|Alliteration Poems, Alliterations, Christmas Poems, Holiday Poems|

Original Christmas Alliteration Poem by Nana Santa's Sleigh is a Christmas alliteration poem to be read on Christmas night before you tuck in your children or grandchildren. Santa's Sleigh, one of my Christmas alliteration poems, may help settle them

A Funny Thanksgiving Dinner Poem

November 24th, 2011|Holiday Poems, Thanksgiving Poems|

A Funny Thanksgiving Dinner Poem to Read Before Dinner! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families! To my surprise, I received a funny Thanksgiving dinner poem from Jane-Ann Heitmueller today in my email. I am

4 Thanksgiving Turkey Handprint Crafts

November 11th, 2011|Crafts & Projects, Holidays, Thanksgiving|

Children can make Thanksgiving turkey handprint crafts as favors and table decorations in preparation for their family holiday or while they wait for their Thanksgiving feast. Thanksgiving will be here in just a short time!

Handprint Gifts: 2 Thanksgiving Handprint Crafts and 2 Poems

November 9th, 2011|Crafts & Projects, Handprint Poems, Holidays, Thanksgiving|

Turkey Thanksgiving Handprint Crafts Turkey Thanksgiving handprint crafts with special poems are fun gifts to make and receive each year, even for each holiday.  Looking at our precious turkey Thanksgiving handprint crafts over time reminds us

Thanksgiving Poems: The Old Fashioned Thanksgiving

November 4th, 2011|Holiday Poems, Thanksgiving Poems|

An Old Fashioned Thanksgiving Families grow and some move away causing old fashioned Thanksgiving traditions that were once held dear to wane.  Much missed are relatives both near and far gathering for Thanksgiving dinner. Poppy was telling me over dinner tonight on

32 Fun Thanksgiving Poems for Kids |Thanksgiving Poems

November 3rd, 2011|Holiday Poems, Thanksgiving Poems|

Sharing fun Thanksgiving poems for kids in the classroom and home is a fun way to get young children excited about the coming history and traditions of the Thanksgiving holiday. Younger children may enjoy these Pre-school

An Autumn Alliteration Poem | 2 Original Alliteration Poems

November 2nd, 2011|Alliteration Poems, Alliterations, Fall Poems|

Writing an Autumn alliteration poem is fun! Just as fall colors make driving more interesting, so does alliteration make reading poems about Autumn come alive! AUTUMN - An Autumn Alliteration Poem I love driving up and down the