2 Thanksgiving Alliteration Poems | Alliteration Poem Examples

October 30th, 2011|Alliteration Poems, Alliterations, Holiday Poems, Poems by NanasCorner, Thanksgiving Poems|

Thanksgiving Alliteration Poems To celebrate Thanksgiving, I have two additional Thanksgiving alliteration poems for you. The first one, A Family Thanksgiving written by Barbara R Johnson, uses alliteration to present a warm family Thanksgiving gathering

Newborn Child Handprint Poem

October 29th, 2011|Baby Poems|

Baby Handprint and Footprint Poem to Newborn Baby The following baby handprint and footprint poem is perfect to pair with a photo of a mother or grandmother (father, parents, grandfather,  grandparents) holding her newborn baby in her arms. 

Holiday Photo Cards Reduce Stress

October 28th, 2011|Christmas|

Holiday Photo Cards Planning Grandparents Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, and Christmas will soon be here along with all the other special occasions we buy special greeting cards for family and friends. Why not reduce your holiday stress and

Halloween Candy Corn Sugar Cookie Treats [Crowd Pleaser!]

October 28th, 2011|Crafts & Projects, Halloween, Holidays|

Warning: Halloween candy corn sugar cookie treats can be habit forming! These 114 easy to make Halloween candy corn sugar cookie treats are a crowd pleaser! Halloween Candy Corn Sugar Cookies Candy corn is the only

6 Frightfully Easy Halloween Crafts for Kids [Decorations]

October 28th, 2011|Crafts & Projects, Halloween, Holidays|

Searching for frightfully easy Halloween crafts for kids to make in time for Halloween? I have just the 6 easy Halloween crafts your kids can create, mostly on their own. 6 Easy Halloween Crafts for

Awesome Halloween Party Music [Tweens]

October 27th, 2011|Halloween|

Every Halloween Party needs awesome Halloween Party Music...and not just any music will do. Kidz Bop has produced a group of fun Halloween party music on their CD Kidz Bop Halloween Party. Shhh, don't tell

8 Spooky Spuds Idaho Potato Halloween Treats

October 27th, 2011|Cooking, Crafts & Projects, Halloween, Holidays|

8 Spooky Spuds Idaho Potato Halloween Treats disguised as creepy critters, spooktacular ghosts, mummy heads.... Hauntingly delicious for trick-or-treaters! Spooky Spuds Idaho Potato Halloween Treats are certain to put any trick-or-treater in the Halloween spirit. Your super heroes,

Short Halloween Poem: Halloween by JA Heitmueller

October 24th, 2011|Halloween, Halloween Poems, Holiday Poems|

Halloween By Jane-Ann Heitmueller Three little ghosts are anxious 'cause it's nearly Spookin' Day and they can hardly wait till scary goblins come their way. They'll welcome every frightful ghoul who comes for trick or

41 Funny Halloween Costume Ideas [Last Minute]

October 24th, 2011|Crafts & Projects, Halloween, Holidays|

A quick resource of 41+ funny Halloween costume ideas for last minute emergencies. Halloween is just a few days away, but there is no need to stress. RealSimple.com has everything you need to gather up last-minute easy

Spooky Can Be Healthy Halloween Party Treats

October 19th, 2011|Crafts & Projects, Halloween, Holidays|

Spooky can be healthy Halloween party treats will delight children of all ages. Fingers, brains, biting mouths, and a graveyard, too! Halloween treats don't need to be packed with sugar and other creepy unhealthy ingredients