Spring Poems: Rapture by Jane-Ann Heitmueller

April 28th, 2011|Spring Poems|

Today as I anxiously await the new born life of our fourth grandchild to bloom forth into this beautiful season of Spring, a season that celebrates rebirth and brings new hopes and excitement to us all, I

15 Personalized Grandparent Gifts

April 27th, 2011|Reviews & Recommendations|

Personalized grandparent gifts for today's first-time Grandma, Grandpa, Nana, Poppy...or long-time grandparents! Personalized Grandparent Gifts Free personalization - give personalized grandparent gifts to the Grandparents in your life with their special name for Father's or Grandfather's Day,

Mother’s Day Poem Gifts for Nana, Grandmother, Mom

April 21st, 2011|Reviews & Recommendations|

PERSONALIZED MOTHER'S DAY POEM GIFT IDEAS You can change the title from Mom or Mother to Grandmom, Grandmother, Nana or any title you want! Personalized Poem Gifts for Nana, Grandmother, Nona, MeMa, Grandma and More...that fill the heart

Cooking Poem: Grandma’s Recipes

April 19th, 2011|Grandmother Poems|

Cookbook Poem Handed down recipes are treasures that we look forward to enjoying at every family gathering. My children's grandmother made cole slaw for every occassion. When asked how much of this and that did

Bunny Poems and Songs | 21 Fun Spring Easter Poems

April 17th, 2011|Easter Poems, Spring Poems|

Share these 21 bunny poems and songs for Spring and Easter fun with your young grandchildren when you visit together. It doesn't have to be Spring or Easter to enjoy playing "bunny rabbit" with these

Examples of Alliteration: Common Cold

April 8th, 2011|Alliterations, Fun Poems, Poems by NanasCorner|

Creating an alliteration poem example is fun! All you have to do is choose one beginning consonant sound, find words that begin with that sound that can describe or relate to an object or theme.

Slow Dance, An Inspirational Poem to Live By

April 3rd, 2011|Inspirational Poems & Quotes, Reviews & Recommendations|

I often find myself, at the end of the day, asking what I had accomplished. Perhaps a little of this and a little of that adds up to something, but usually feels as if it