Nana’s Gift Ideas: Kids Pop 2.0 Music CD

January 28th, 2011|Reviews & Recommendations|

Today is our Emily's 5th birthday! Yeah! Emily is very girly, loves to wear dresses (especially purple), and enjoys dancing to her older sister's CDs. But, the music isn't always appropriate for a five-year-old. In

A Love Poem: Love’s Memory Gift by JA Heitmueller

January 26th, 2011|Love Poems|

In time for Valentine's Day, as a celebration of the meaning of true love, Jane-Ann Heitmueller graciously shares her poem, Love's Memory Gift... Love's Memory Gift By Jane-Ann Heitmueller     Invisible, intangible yet palpable

Grandparents: Learning How to Play Poker Online

January 16th, 2011|Reviews & Recommendations|

How to Play Poker Online Playing poker can be a positive experience as the French learned when they first played it and now we modern game players can play poker en ligne (means online poker). Oui,

Do Grandparents Play Poker Online?

January 15th, 2011|Reviews & Recommendations|

Grandparents: Online Poker This topic of grandparents playing on TV recently and found myself wondering how many grandparents play poker, are there poker tournaments for grandparents...and could poker games be played online by those who

Love Poem Alliteration Example | She Walks in Beauty

January 11th, 2011|Alliterations|

You found this love poem alliteration example, She Walks in Beauty, by either searching for alliteration example or a love poem...or a love poem using alliteration. Love Poem Alliteration Example She Walks in Beauty is

Love Valentine Poem | An Ode to My Wife, a poem

January 11th, 2011|Valentine's Day Poems|

An Ode to My Wife is the perfect love poem for a husband to give to his wife on Valentine's Day or an anniversary. The following poem is a sentimental, romantic love poem from a

14 Romantic Valentine Gifts | Precious Moments Gifts

January 10th, 2011|Reviews & Recommendations|

Precious Moments romantic Valentine gifts are perfect keepsakes that can express your love to your special person when words are difficult to find. Disclosure: I may be compensated through the links in this post, but

Examples of Alliteration: A Valentine Poem

January 8th, 2011|Alliterations|

Alliteration in a love poem makes the words flow more romantically. A love poem is something that every girl or woman would treasure receiving on Valentine's Day. The best Valentine's Day gift is one that comes