Inspirational Aging Poem | Leaves of Life

September 26th, 2010|Inspirational Poems & Quotes|

Inspirational aging poem, Leaves of Life, is a metaphor for the cycles of life. As Fall comes and goes so quickly and I watch the leaves change, I'm reminded of the ever changing cycle of

Gifts for Grandparents and Grandchildren: Precioius Moments

September 25th, 2010|Reviews & Recommendations|

We were shopping in Kohl's last night. I expected to see Fall and Halloween decorations, but not along side artificial Christmas trees decorated and ready to be taken home! It is just too early for

Cyberbullying | How to Protect Your Kids

September 23rd, 2010|Reviews & Recommendations|

Opening day schedule for the high school staff always includes a speech by our principal. After the welcome and introductions of the new staff members, the principal immediately went into reviewing the high school's Bullying

Cool Back to School or Holiday Gift Ideas

September 22nd, 2010|Reviews & Recommendations|

One of the perks of blogging is getting a chance to review some really cool products. Just for the record, I don't review anything that I personally don't care for. Some offers for reviews I

Halloween Recipe Videos | Halloween Party Food

September 21st, 2010|Crafts & Projects, Halloween, Holidays|

Fall arrives this week and Halloween is fast approaching! My nine-year old granddaughter, Kaitlin, bought her Halloween costume this past weekend at Justice. She'll be a very pretty kitty with her fancy tail, mask, ears,

Hugs and Kisses Poems for Grandparents and Dad

September 10th, 2010|Grandparent Poems|

A simple gift of hugs and kisses can mean the world to grandparents. It is a simple gift that can last long after the jar of Hershey's Kisses and Hugs that accompanies this hugs and

Gifts for Grandkids | Ride on Toys for Kids

September 8th, 2010|Reviews & Recommendations|

Every month on the first Wednesday, our town has "clean up day."  Almost anything you don't want to keep any longer can be put out to the curb. Whatever the curb pickers don't take, the

Technology: From Transistors to Dating Sites

September 8th, 2010|Reviews & Recommendations|

Now that you are a grandparent and can finally get a senior discount without anyone questioning your age, have you wondered what it might be like to be a young adult in today's technologically inclined

Grandparents Are Grand Alliteration Poem

September 8th, 2010|Alliteration Poems, Alliterations, Grandparent Poems, Poems by NanasCorner|

Grandparents Are Grand Alliteration Poem uses alliteration to celebrate Grandparents Day in September. In honor of the Grandparents Day, has published a list of the top 12 Grandparent Blogs and top 12 Grandparent Websites on

Grandparents, Not To Be Forgotten

September 4th, 2010|Grandparent Poems|

We are here because of our grandparents, and their grandparents, and those in between and who came before. They are an integral part of our personal history, why we are where we are and came