Halloween Costumes: 15 Last Minute Ideas

October 30th, 2009|Crafts & Projects, Halloween, Holidays|

Today, our high school students came to school dressed in great looking, creative Halloween costumes. I'm sure some were last minute Halloween costume ideas. The teens really enjoyed dressing up, and I must say they were in

Halloween: Go Green for Halloween

October 26th, 2009|Halloween, Reviews & Recommendations|

The Green Year, by Jodi Helmer...for every day of the year, there is a simple, inexpensive activity that will help us make important changes...easy green ways we can help the environment in preparation for Halloween. Here is a brief listing of those green Halloween ideas...

9 Cheap and Easy Halloween Costume Ideas

October 25th, 2009|Crafts & Projects, Halloween, Holidays|

With Halloween just a week away, are you still looking for cheap and easy Halloween costume ideas, especially homemade Halloween costume ideas? According to a recent survey by the National Retail Federation, the typical American

5 Top Digital Photography Tips [Halloween]

October 24th, 2009|Halloween, Reviews & Recommendations|

5 top digital photography tips for Halloween - keep it eerie! Halloween is the perfect opportunity to take creative digital photos of your children and grandchildren. Tell a story. Preserve the memories. I love using my

14 Baby Shower Baseball Theme DIY Tips

October 19th, 2009|Reviews & Recommendations|

Baby shower baseball theme tips are learned from a DIY baby boy shower. Last spring I held a baby shower for my oldest daughter who was expecting a baby boy...after having two girls. I was

7 Fun Halloween Poems for Preschoolers

October 18th, 2009|Halloween, Halloween Poems|

Are you looking for fun ways to interact with your preschooler grandchild this Halloween? I was very excited when I received these 7 Halloween poems for preschoolers from one of Nana's Corner subscribers.  They are

6 Creepy Halloween Snacks for Kids [Easy Recipes]

October 16th, 2009|Cooking, Crafts & Projects, Halloween, Holidays|

Making Halloween snacks for kids with kids during time together provides a great opportunity for grandparents, parents, and kids to make and share memories. Halloween is such a fun holiday for all of us, no matter the

Eating Healthy This Halloween

October 14th, 2009|Halloween, Reviews & Recommendations|

The year I was expecting our first child, I ate an entire bag of Halloween candy by just picking a few now and then. I was so embarrassed when my husband realized what I had done -

Teen Halloween Alliteration Poem | Headless Horseman Haunts

October 13th, 2009|Alliteration Poems, Alliterations, Halloween Poems, Poems by NanasCorner|

A new Halloween alliteration poem for teens is here! Since I first posted alliteration examples, I've had many visitors seeking additional alliteration poems for teens. The vocabulary used in the Headless Horseman Haunts Halloween is

10 Easy Halloween Recipes for Kids [Excitingly Scary]

October 9th, 2009|Cooking, Crafts & Projects, Halloween, Holidays|

The following 10 easy Halloween recipes for kids will definitely help you make for their Halloween party excitingly scary! Easy Halloween Party for Kids Halloween will be here soon! We loved celebrating Halloween with our three