Nana, I’ll Miss You: a grandchild’s poem to her grandmother

July 29th, 2008|Funeral Poems, Poems by NanasCorner|

Last week I received a request to write a poem from a grandchild to her grandmother (Nana). The grandchild and her family must move away because her Daddy is in the Navy. Her Nana will

Grandchildren’s Great Christmas Present Ideas, part 1a: How My Twinn Dolls Are Made

July 28th, 2008|Reviews & Recommendations|

A great video showing how the just like me, My Twinn Dolls, are made.

Grandparents Raising Grandchildren on Nana's Corner has moved

July 26th, 2008|Fun Things to do With Grandchildren|

Nana's Corner category Grandparents Raising Grandchildren has moved to Nana Finds At Nana Finds, you'll find Ways to Save Time and Money... weekly specials good deals coupons discounts for grandchildren and fun stuff creative

Grandparents Raising Grandchildren: Nana’s Corner eBook Store

July 26th, 2008|Reviews & Recommendations|

In Nana's Corner eBook Store, you'll find links below to eBooks that offer advice, information, and fun activities to help grandparents in raising grandchildren under topics of child custody, children and divorce, creative time, learning, how to topics, parents, poems, and

Grandchildren and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

July 25th, 2008|Reviews & Recommendations|

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Children Nana Finds information for grandparents raising grandchildren on the after-affects a traumatic experience can have on grandchildren. Often times, grandparents are raising grandchildren because of a traumatic experience that

New Fun, Interactive Website for Grandparents and Grandchildren Together

July 24th, 2008|Fun Things to do With Grandchildren|

Grandparents and Grandchildren Together: Here is a new fun, safe website for both grandparents and grandchildren to enjoy together no matter how far apart you are...whether in the next room or in another state or country. Read this article about how grandparents and grandchildren can interact together with the new website, Grandparent Games...

Grandchildren’s Great Christmas Present Ideas, part 1

July 22nd, 2008|Reviews & Recommendations|

This summer, while I have free time, I've decided to plan my Christmas shopping so I won't be pressed after returning to school. I've done some searching and have decided for Kaitlin's first gift, I'm

Lullaby for a Grandson

July 22nd, 2008|Grandchildren Poems|

LULLABY FOR A GRANDSON was written by an 89 year old great-grandfather for his great grandson in 1959: Now sleeps the angel in his bed, His soul is bathed in rest, No birdling ever tucked

Apple iPhone 3G for Grandparents' Holiday Gift

July 20th, 2008|Reviews & Recommendations|

Do you know what an iPhone 3G is? This grandmother is confessing...I don't know what an iPhone 3G is.  Am I the only grandparent that doesn't know what an iPhone 3G is? What makes it

Grandmother’s Prayer

July 19th, 2008|Grandmother Poems|

Here is a prayer for all grandmothers' children and grandchildren, big or small, wherever they may be: O' Lord watch over my children help them to grow each day in grace guide their steps in every