Nana’s Corner Store: Gifts for Grandparent

June 30th, 2008|Reviews & Recommendations|

Show your appreciation for your grandparents on Grandparents Day, Christmas, Chanukah, Valentine's Day, Birthdays, Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Any Day with a special gift! Or, surprise your grandparents with a gift for no reason

Summer Poems | 5 Fun in the Sun Poems

June 30th, 2008|Summer Poems|

Summer poems for summer fun and a yummy picnic with grandchildren in the shade. Can't wait! On a hot summer day, find a shady spot to have a picnic and some quiet time together to

July 4th Bike Parade | Grandparents Grandchildren Fun

June 29th, 2008|4th of July, Crafts & Projects, Holidays|

July 4th bike parade fun! The 4th of July is a day can be a fun day for grandchildren and grandparents together to celebrate our nation's independence and continued freedom. Take the time to talk

Summer Poems: Summertime

June 18th, 2008|Summer Poems|

Summer Poem Summer time should find children actively playing outside, having fun in the sun. Younger children love to learn short poems and songs to recite while they can move around. The following summer poem,

Summer Poems: Bed in Summer

June 17th, 2008|Summer Poems|

Summer Poems The change in seasons and Daylight Savings Time can be a bit confusing to young children as they awake in darkness during winter months and go to bed in what seems to be

Father’s Day Handmade Gifts | Dad Grandfather Gifts

June 11th, 2008|Crafts & Projects, Fathers Day, Holidays|

Father's Day handmade gifts for dad and grandfather. Crafts the kids can make for grandfather and dad, too. Father's Day is almost here!  Are you looking for Father's Day handmade gifts for a special Grandfather?

Arts and Crafts Projects | 4 Handprint Grandfather Gifts

June 2nd, 2008|Crafts & Projects, Fathers Day, Grandparents Day, Holidays|

Arts and crafts projects for grandfather gifts. These 4 handprint arts and crafts projects for Grandfather on Father's Day, birthdays, or Christmas are sure to please. What child doesn't love to get their hands in paint!

Nana and Grandad Poem from Grandchild

June 1st, 2008|Grandparent Poems|

Nana and Grandad My Nana and my Grandad They really are the best And when they give me cuddles I know that I am blessed We have lots of fun together We like to laugh

Angel Nana

June 1st, 2008|Grandparent Poems|

Angel Nana Have we told you how special we feel Do you have any idea how big of a miracle you are As we grew up we had you as a best friend Someone we could always count on You’re our Nana . . . Our sweet Nana Mommy told us one day you’d be in heaven It’s what happens when people grow old She said while on earth you’re our grandma But when God takes you there’s a new name you’re called Angel Nana . . . Sweet Angel Nana A bell will ring and then you’ll have your wings You’ll fly and protect us where ever we go

Nana Loves!

June 1st, 2008|Grandparent Poems|

Nana Loves! His sweet, young voice beckons me I glance in his direction, Dragging on the floor I see The froggy game collection… Nana play! His favorite book is in my lap He squirms on well padded knees, Stalling for time before his nap His soft voice gently prompts me… Nana read!