Hug Poems – National Hug Day

hug poems

Hug Poems - National Hug Day Hug Poems for National Hug Day on January 21 are the perfect way to give your hugs. National Hug (Hugging) Day began in 1986, when Reverend Kevin Zaborney created the day to encourage people to express their kindness through hugs. The kind and caring expression can also be shared through hug poems, hug day

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Penguin Poems – Penguin Awareness Day

penguin poems

Penguin Poems for Penguin Awareness Day The following penguin poems for Penguin Awareness Day, January 20, were chosen because they teach children about penguins through the facts included in the penguin poems. Some of the penguin facts that can be found in the penguin poems are: penguins are flightless birds penguin wings are called flippers that let them swim fast

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Popcorn Poems – National Popcorn Day

popcorn poems

POPCORN POEMS FOR NATIONAL POPCORN DAY Popcorn poems are a fun way to celebrate yummy popcorn! National Popcorn Day is an unofficial national holiday celebrated every year on January 19. It may have been first associated with Super Bowl Sunday, but no exact reference can be found. What makes more sense is National Popcorn Month is October when corn is at

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Imagery Examples | Classic Winter Snow Themed Poems

imagery examples

Imagery Examples | Classic Winter Snow Themed Poems Winter snow themed poems use imagery examples to bring to the reader the scene of a nostalgic winter snow from the poet's own experiences. Often the imagery portrays emotions, senses, and encounters from moments remembered. There are seven forms of imagery: Visual imagery - something seen in the mind's eye Auditory imagery

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