Earth Day: 4 Children’s Book Reviews

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Earth Day evolved from a culmination of many individuals who followed their heart and instincts when they realized change was necessary to save our planet, some started as children. Each one took a chance and embarked on nature’s paths so that others could follow in their footsteps, paying it forward to save our planet…proving one person CAN […]

Key Ingredient Recipe Reader Giveaway | Grandparent Cooking Gift Ideas

key ingredient recipe reader

Key Ingredient Recipe Reader Giveaway from is in honor of Grandparents Day, which is today. But, you don’t have to be a grandparent to enter the giveaway or win this easy, kitchen friendly, tech tool. It’s the perfect cooking gift for those we know who are difficult to find gifts for, too. Christmas is coming in […]

Grandparent Gifts From Adult Grandchildren: 10 Tips How to Choose

more grandparent gifts to dust

Not sure what to give your grandparents in the way of grandparent gifts? As grandparents age, they often like to downsize. Accumulating grandparent gifts throughout the year does not make that easy for grandparents. So what is an adult grandchild to do when a special occasion calls for gift giving? 10 Tips How to Choose Grandparent […]

Literature Alliteration Examples | Prose and Poetry Collection

literature alliteration examples

Searching for literature alliteration examples? I’m sure you’ve found it both time consuming and tedious. Over the years, since I began the prose and poetry collection, I’ve accumulated many literature alliteration examples – including some original alliteration examples of my own. As of this date, I have posted single or groups of literature alliteration […]

Grandparent Funeral Poems: 50 Grandmother Grandfather Funeral Poems

grandmother funeral poems

Through the past five years, I’ve compiled a collection of Grandparent Funeral Poems for both grandmother and grandfather to share with family members who have lost a very important, cherished part of their lives. If you are viewing this post because your grandmother or grandfather has passed away, please know that I am truly sorry for your loss. I know how it […]

8 Healthy Chocolate Dessert Recipes Without Guilt


Looking for healthy chocolate dessert recipes? I love chocolate, but have done my best to avoid it. As it seems, I just look at it and my weight does a pre-chocolate jump…not to mention my cholesterol and sugar! But, there is a way to enjoy the pleasure of chocolate without the guilt…healthy chocolate dessert recipes are now a […]

Chocolate Poems Celebrate National Milk Chocolate Day July 28 Poems


Chocolate poems for milk chocolate lovers! July 28 is your day to Celebrate National Milk Chocolate Day with all things milk chocolate and chocolate poems, too! I don’t know the origin, nor I don’t think there is a proclamation to be found that officially makes it “national,” but we chocolate lovers don’t need to know…we’ll just […]

Baby Shower Songs Playlist – Baby Titles

love poem to new grandchild

July, 2013, is a month to celebrate births on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean with a Baby Shower Songs Playlist with Baby in the Title. Prince William and his beautiful bride, Kate, along with all of England are celebrating the birth of their newest heir to the throne. And in New Jersey, many families […]