These six original Valetnine poems were written by me today. I hope you like them in at least some small way. My Valentine poems are for you to enjoy, whether man, woman, girl, or boy. Looking for an alliteration poem for Valentine’s Day? You’ll find Vivid Valentines below without delay!
Make a Valentine for Me
Make a pretty Valentine today,
Make it in your own special way.
Make a Valentine with hearts for me,
Tell me yours you want me to be.
Vivid Valentines (alliteration example)
In my garden, vivid valentines grow on vines,
surrounded by romantic red roses.
Come to my glorious garden,
choose your fancy …

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Dylan TG 3

Today, our three-year-old grandson and his preschool class performed the following preschool Thanksgiving poems and songs for their parents and grandparents during their Thanksgiving party.
These preschool Thanksgiving poems and songs can be recited aloud or sung to entertain during a fun Thanksgiving celebration.
Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours!
Preschool Thanksgiving Poems
The First Thanksgiving
Pick the corn, pick the beans,
Pick the squash and other greens.
It is harvest time you see,
Come and share a feast with me.
Bring your family out to play,
We’ll call this Thanksgiving Day.
Diez Little Turkeys
Uno little, dos little, tres little turkeys.
Cuatro little, cinco …

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handprint poem


Dylan, our three-year-old grandchild, gave this preschool handprint poem gift to his daddy this past Father’s Day. I love the original handprint poem theme of a child seeing his father as a Super Hero. Adding one of Dylan’s favorite super heroes gives his handprint poem gift that extra special something. Dylan’s handprint poem is in a frame with Spiderman glued onto the glass after it is put together.
This Super Hero handprint poem can also be written to a grandfather for Father’s Day by simply changing a few …

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stop smoking

Stop smoking, please!
Emily is asking adults to stop smoking in front of the kids to keep them safe.
Would you stop smoking for Emily if she were your daughter, granddaughter, niece?
Would you stop smoking for Emily who represents all the children who come in contact with secondhand cigarette smoke?
Even if a cigarette is not smoked in front of a child, the smoke is on the smoker’s clothes, skin, hair, everything inside their car and home, and always seems to follow wherever they go. It isn’t pleasant, to say the least, for …

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National Parks Week: 3 Ways to Enjoy – Air Wick, Disney, Honest Tea

National Parks Week
To celebrate National Parks Week, all 401 National Parks have free admission and events planned. Can you name the names of the 401 National Parks? I certainly can’t, and if I did then this post would be too long. If I’ve peaked your curiousity, the National Park Service can help you with their names and locations on their website. Do you know which naturalist was the first to persuade President Harrison to create Yosemite as the first National Park?  I’ll tell you at the end of this post.
To …

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Earth Day:  4 Children’s Book Reviews

Earth Day evolved from a culmination of many individuals who followed their heart and instincts when they realized change was necessary to save our planet, some started as children. Each one took a chance and embarked on nature’s paths so that others could follow in their footsteps, paying it forward to save our planet…proving one person CAN make a difference.

John Muir, America’s First Environmentalist
John Muir, America’s First Environmentalist, by Kathryn Lasky with illustrations by Stan Fellows, is a biography about how one person who, by following his interests and instincts, made a …

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Irish Ancestors Bring Surprises – Find Yours

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by searching for Irish ancestors. If you hurry, Ancestry.com will let you search their Irish databases for free from now until the end of St. Patrick’s Day.
Irish Ancestors in Your Closet
On St. Patrick’s Day, everyone is Irish. Who knows, you may really have some Irish ancestors in your closet.  I found more than I knew I had; for some reason, my maternal grandmother never told me she had a huge Irish family. With the last name of McCaffrey, I knew they were Irish – but the number was more …

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key ingredient recipe reader

Key Ingredient Recipe Reader Giveaway from KeyIngredient.com is in honor of Grandparents Day, which is today. But, you don’t have to be a grandparent to enter the giveaway or win this easy, kitchen friendly, tech tool. It’s the perfect cooking gift for those we know who are difficult to find gifts for, too. Christmas is coming in a few short months, birthdays are always near, and bridal showers…there are a few ways you can get a Key Ingredient Recipe Reader…read on…
Recipe Reader Organizes Your Recipe Collection
With the Key Ingredient Recipe Reader, it’s …

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more grandparent gifts to dust

Not sure what to give your grandparents in the way of grandparent gifts? As grandparents age, they often like to downsize. Accumulating grandparent gifts throughout the year does not make that easy for grandparents. So what is an adult grandchild to do when a special occasion calls for gift giving?
10 Tips How to Choose Grandparent Gifts
When grandchildren take time to choose just the right grandparent gifts, their grandparents know. Grandparents, just like everyone else need to feel special, appreciated, and most importantly…loved. Here are some tips on how to choose perfect, …

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literature alliteration examples

Searching for literature alliteration examples? I’m sure you’ve found it both time consuming and tedious.
Over the years, since I began the NanasCorner.com prose and poetry collection, I’ve accumulated many literature alliteration examples – including some original alliteration examples of my own. As of this date, I have posted single or groups of literature alliteration examples 16 28 times. The literature alliteration examples collection has grown with the hope that it will help children find the fun in poetry.
How are Prose, Poetry, and Alliteration different in Literature?

Prose is the ordinary form of …

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grandmother funeral poems

Through the past five years, I’ve compiled a collection of Grandparent Funeral Poems for both grandmother and grandfather to share with family members who have lost a very important, cherished part of their lives.
If you are viewing this post because your grandmother or grandfather has passed away, please know that I am truly sorry for your loss. I know how it feels to lose those closest to you. To help you through this time, I’ve listed links to the collection of 50 Grandparent Funeral Poems found on Nana’s Corner. By reading through the grandparent funeral poems, you may …